ALT 2015 Accepted Papers (in no special order)

Jan Leike and Marcus Hutter. Solomonoff Induction Violates Nicod's Criterion.
Sanjay Jain, Junqi Ma and Frank Stephan. Priced Learning.
Montserrat Hermo and Ana Ozaki. Exact Learning Multivalued Dependencies.
Nader Bshouty, Hasan Abasi and Hanna Mazzawi. Non-Adaptive Learning a Hidden Hypergraph.
Jan Leike and Marcus Hutter. On the Computability of Solomonoff Induction and Knowledge-Seeking.
Ziyuan Gao, Frank Stephan and Sandra Zilles. Combining Models of Approximation with Partial Learning.
Francesco Orabona and David Pal. Scale-Free Algorithms for Online Linear Optimization.
Dana Angluin and Dongqu Chen. Learning a Random DFA from Uniform Strings and State Information.
Takahiro Fujita, Kohei Hatano, Shuji Kijima and Eiji Takimoto. Online Linear Optimization for Job Scheduling under Precedence Constraints.
Anastasia Pentina and Shai Ben-David. Multi-task and Lifelong Learning of Kernels.
Ilya Tolstikhin, Nikita Zhivotovskiy and Gilles Blanchard. Permutational Rademacher Complexity: a New Complexity Measure for Transductive Learning.
Yi-Te Hong and Chi-Jen Lu. Online Learning in Markov Decision Processes with continuous actions.
Malte Darnstädt, Christoph Ries and Hans Simon. Hierarchical Design of Fast Minimum Disagreement Algorithms.
Guillaume Papa, Pascal Bianchi and Stephan Clemençon. Adaptive Sampling for Incremental Optimization using Stochastic Gradient Descent.
Ádám D. Lelkes and Lev Reyzin. Interactive Clustering of Linear Classes and Cryptographic Lower Bounds.
Giulia Desalvo, Mehryar Mohri and Umar Syed. Learning with Deep Cascades.
Borja Balle and Mehryar Mohri. On the Rademacher Complexity of Weighted Automata.
Ziyuan Gao, Hans Simon and Sandra Zilles. On the teaching complexity of linear sets.
Jeff Phillips and Yan Zheng. Subsampling in Smoothed Range Spaces.
Shrinu Kushagra and Shai Ben-David. Information preserving dimensionality reduction.
Steve Hanneke, Varun Kanade and Liu Yang. Learning with a Drifting Target Concept.
Liu Yang, Steve Hanneke and Jaime Carbonell. Bounds on the Minimax Rate for Estimating a Prior over a VC Class from Independent Learning Tasks.
Peter Bloem and Steven De Rooij. Two Problems for Sophistication.