Recursion Theory (MA6219)

The lecturer is Frank Stephan from the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science of the National University of Singapore.
Frank Stephan's addresses are:

  (1) Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore
      10 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Block S17, Singapore 119076
      Primary Office: S17#07-04, Telephone +65-6516-2759

  (2) School of Computing, National University of Singpore
      Computing Drive, Computing 2 (COM2), Singapore 117417
      Shared Secondary Office: COM2#03-11, Telephone +65-6516-4246

The telefax in the main office of the Department of Mathematics
is +65-67795452

The email address is

Lecture Notes
An approximately 125 page internet book on Recursion Theory is available on the internet as a ps-file, pdf-file from pdflatex, pdf-file through ps and latex-file. It covers all topics of the lecture, but is slightly more comprehensive. There are still typing errors which will be corrected and some material not covered by the lecture might be added.

Time and Place
Monday from 16:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs in S14#03-01,
Wednesday from 9:00 hrs to 11:00 hrs in S14#03-01,
Tutorial Thursday from 18:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs in S14#03-01.

The task of the tutorial is to improve the presentation and problem-solving skills. The lecture notes have many exercises which are quite often famous results from the field. Each student should select six of them and present them in the tutorials together with a handout on the solution for the fellow-students. If a student selects a "comprehensive exercise" this counts as two normal exercises.

Marks will be given for two midterm examinations (12 marks each), the homework (6 times 6 marks, 36 marks in total) and a final take-home examination (40 marks). The time to work on the take-home examination is one week.