SAT.js - JavaScript SAT Solver

Δ SAT.js
Δ Overview

The SAT.js project is a SAT solver implemented in Javascript. You can use SAT.js to solve SAT problems on your web browser.

To use SAT.js:

  1. Enable Javascript.
  2. Copy-and-paste a CNF problem file into the text area above. You can use one of the pre-canned problem files.
  3. Press the Solve button.
  4. The SAT.js engine will solve the problem print the result.

SAT.js implements the bare essentials: unit propagation, 2 watch literals, conflict driven back-jumping, and no-good clause learning. It currently does not support VSIDS (currently chooses literals at random), random restarts, nor pure literals. This, combined with the fact that SAT.js is written in Javascript, means that we are much slower than competitive SAT implementations such as MiniSAT. On the other hand, SAT.js runs just about anywhere, including smartphones.

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SAT.js is released under the terms of the the terms of the GNU General Public License v3

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