Visual artist Kelly Reedy has always felt compelled to search for and
express a deeply personal vision of beauty. It is not a beauty that lies
on the surface, but one that transcends or breaks with all preconceived
notions. Her passion for art history and culture has taken her around
the world. After completing her studies in the U.S., she spent the next
decade painting and traveling in Europe and India, while using Paris
and New York City as her bases. In 1997 she moved to Singapore and
began to explore the rich and diverse art practices and philosophies of Asia.

A long-standing interest in Byzantine and Medieval icons fused with a
high regard for Asian folk art. Her work created in Europe reflected
Byzantine and Medieval spirituality through the use of pure color, strong
linear patterns and the flattening of forms. The abstract qualities of Asian
folk traditions as well as the rich symbolism embedded in its mythologies
began to permeate her new work, transforming her female portraits into
goddesses and other universal images. Reedy’s latest mixed media
collages layer cross-cultural imagery, artifacts and memories, blurring the
lines of time and place.