For me, foray into research was driven by my lust for knowledge, which invariably led me to teach. There is nothing more exciting than a scholarly discussion. I was fortunate enough to work with many Professors who took great pride and pleasure in nurturing students. I had the honour of being the Lead TA for the largest course in IIT-M (Introduction to Programming - 630 students). I have been the lead TA for this course for 6 semesters.

Teaching Assistant

  • Theory and Applications of Ontologies - Fall 2019
  • Introduction to Database Systems - Spring 2018
  • Randomized Algorithms - Fall 2018
  • An Introduction to Probability in Computing (MOOC via NPTEL) - Fall 2018
  • Operating Systems - Spring 2017
  • Introduction to Programming - Spring 2016
  • Algorithms for Big Data (MOOC via NPTEL) - Fall 2016
  • Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science - Fall 2016
  • Advanced Programming Lab - Spring 2015
  • Introduction to Programming - Fall 2015
  • Advanced Computer Networks - Spring 2014


  • B.Tech. Final year project of Abhik, 2014-15, CSE, IIT-M
  • B.Tech. Final year project of Monica, 2016-17, CSE, IIT-M


  • PhD representative in Department Curriculum Committee, CSE, IIT-M
  • ME representative in Department Curriculum Committee, CSA, IISc