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Homework #2 - Implementing a Robotic Arm using LEGO Mindstorms

Here are some pictures of the groups who did the robotic arm homework assignment for the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence course in 2003/2004 Semester II. If you're interested in other assignments with Lego Mindstorms in SoC, check out the assignments done by students in the CS 1101 class led by Prof. Sim.

A link back to the homework assignment

The robots are listed in chronological order of demonstration

Group Robots ... ... with their creators*
Group 35:
Karl Dailey
Danesh Hasan Kamal
Lau Hon Sun
Group 18:
Cheng Youjiang
Lau Qiangfeng,Peter
Lee Shugang
Group 25:
Naganivetha Thiyagarajah
Shakith Devinda Fernando
Sumedh Chalermkanjana
Group 27:
Olivia Kunardi
Willy Wijaya
Group 24:
Ang Wee Cheng,Marcus
Huang Chi-Kai
Liu Siliang
Group 76:
Liu Yingren
Saravanan Sinnadurai S/O Gunachilan
Voon Kian Loon
Group 30:
Do Si Thuyen
Hoang Le Huy
Nguyen Quoc Cuong
Group 9:
Hinh Tinh Thach
Ngo Trung Hieu
Nguyen Tuan Anh
Group 32:
Chang E-Hern
Han Xiaoyan
Tee Wei In
Group 66:
Chio Bing Huan
Ng Chongming
Tham Changrui,Victor
Group 16:
Ju Lei
Luo Xue
Wang Dong
Group 40:
Chai Kian Ping
Ong Tze Wei
Toh Eu Jin
Group 13:
Chong Lip Phang
Kee Ghim Hui
Suherni Teh

* - N.B. All of the creators of the robots may not be present in the pictures.

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