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This module is finished as of Apr 2006. Please refer to the updated website for the current version of this course (when it is available).

Module Description (excerpted from the bulletin): The module introduces the basic concepts in search and knowledge representation as well as to a number of sub-areas of artificial intelligence. It focuses on covering the essential concepts in AI. The module covers Turing test, blind search, iterative deepening, production systems, heuristic search, A* algorithm, minimax and alpha-beta procedures, predicate and first-order logic, resolution refutation, non-monotonic reasoning, assumption-based truth maintenance systems, inheritance hierarchies, the frame problem, certainly factors, Bayes' rule, frames and semantic nets, planning, learning, natural language, vision, and expert systems and LISP.

Course Characteristics:

Note to NUS-external visitors: Welcome! If you're a fellow A.I. course instructor looking for lecture material, you can see the syllabus menu item on the left for a preview. Please contact me if you'd like to use any of my material. Thanks!

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