Teaching Objectives

I have worked with great mentors who have not only introduced me to an interesting intellectual discipline, but also given me much support, guidance, and encouragement to become an independent researcher and thinker. I have chosen an academic career because it allows me to explore new ideas, and to teach talented young people the way I have been taught. My education approach is to train my students to ask critical questions, solve analytic problems, engineer complex systems, discover new ideas, create useful innovations, and not afraid to be different. I hope that my students will also find a lifelong fascination in part or all of computer science, and have the courage and competence to change the world, for the better.

Courses Taught

School of Computing, NUS, Singapore
Taught courses ranging from fundamental topics in computer science for freshmen and sophomores, to specialized Artificial Intelligence topics for seniors and graduate students.

Undergraduate Level:
• CS1010SProgramming Methodology (Python)
• CS1231Discrete Structures
• CS1305 Problem Solving in Computing
• CS1101S Programming Methodology I (S)
• CS202 Assembly Language Programming
• CS3245 Decision Making Processes
• CS3243 Artificial Intelligence
• CS4244 Knowledge Based Systems
• CS4246 AI Planning and Decision Making

Graduate Level:
• SMA5504 Techniques in Artificial Intelligence (Singapore-MIT alliance Comp Sci)
• CS5340Uncertainty Modeling in Artificial Intelligence
• CS5446 AI Planning and Decision Making

School of Information Systems, SMU, Singapore
Taught core undergraduate information systems courses in System Modeling, Solution Blueprinting, and Content Management:

Undergraduate Level:
• IS305Process Modeling and Solution Blueprinting
• IS304Enterprise Web Solutions

AI Singapore, Singapore
AI Summer School 2020:
•  Toward Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Ethical, Governance and Regulatory Considers

My  Students