CS6101 Exploration of Computer Science Research

It's All About Shape!

Shape is a very important concept in human's perception and understanding of the things in the world. Humans recognise and categorise many things according to their shapes. Therefore, shape is also an important topic of study in computer vision and computer graphics.

This training programming introduces shape and its applications in the areas of computer vision and computer graphics. It focuses primarily on shapes for human head and face, human body, etc. Neverthelss, the methods learned in this programme can be used in a large variety of applications that involve other 2D and 3D shapes.

The topics discussed in this programme include
* Representation and modeling of 2D and 3D shapes
* Deformation and morphing of shapes
* Face detection and recognition
* Human skull and face modeling for surgery planning and simulation
* Forensic reconstruction of human skull and face
* Other related topics: human body, gesture, etc.

Students should have undergraduate knowledge in linear algebra, probability and statistics. Some knowledge in computer vision or computer graphics is useful.

This training group will meet for 6 sessions of 2 hours each, from Week 3 to Week 7 and Mid-Term Break. In the first session, A/Prof. Leow and Dr. Terence Sim will excite your imagination and creativity by introducing to you the rich topics and application values in this area. A reading list of papers will be introduced and each student will be assigned a paper to study in detail.

In the second and subsequent session, two students will present their studies of the papers assigned, and all other students will engage in discussions to learn the materials presented. At the end of the programme, we hope that some of you will be excited to engage in research in this area.

Presentation Schedule

Wednesday 2-4pm at MR6

Leow Wee Kheng
0. It's All About Shape!
Terence Sim
6. Morphable model of 3D face
Cheng Yuan
1. Iterative closest point
Leow Wee Kheng
3. 3D face registration using dense surface model
Zhang Kun
11. Face recognition based on morphable model
Wu Yingjun
10. Robust PCA
Yogesh Singh Rawat
5. Active shape model
Jiao Qing
7. Face from video
Zhong Guanwen
2. 3D-to-2D rigid registration
Li Furong
4. Laplacian deformation
Nguyen Ho Man Rang
12. Face model from skull model
Song Xuemeng
9. Incomplete data

Please download readling list here.