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Digital Cultural Heritage Programme



Apply digital media technologies to bring cultral heritage to live!

Showcase the strength of the Media Group in
Dept. of Computer Science
School of Computing, NUS

Media technologies involved:

3D Motion Capture & Analysis
3D Modeling and Animation
3D Face Reconstruction
3D Scene Reconstruction
Multiple Projector System

Current Status
  The first phase of our programme is to capture various interesting motion. The motion capture was performed on 2 June to 7 June 2008. The following photos illustrate some highlights of the motion capture event.

Organizer and Motion Capture 
School of Computing, NUS
Sponsored and Supported by  
United BMEC
Supported by  
新加坡少林国术总会 Singapore Shaolin Martial Arts Association
  Motion Capture Arena

WIth the support of United BMEC, we set up a 18-camera motion capture arena in School of Computing.

The motion capture setup comprises:
- 7 Eagle-4 cameras and
- 11 Eagle cameras
from Motion Analysis Corporation, USA.

We captured a large variety of motion in both 3D motion format and video format. Here is a sample of them.


Performed by Taichi Master Mr. Rennie Chong

  Taichi Tui Shou
(Taichi Pushing Technique)
  18 Luohan Quan
(18 Arhat Fist)

Performed by Mr. Virile Tan
  Zhan Ma Dao
(Horse-Striking Saber)

Performed by Mr. Virile Tan

We also explored motion capture under extreme conditions.


Performed by Dr. Michael Brown

  Guitar Playing

Performed by Dr. Michael Brown
  This is the camera set-up for guitar playing motion capture.
  Talk on Digital Cultural Heritage

Mr Chan Chow Wah
Anthropologist & Historian
  Visitors to the motion capture event.
  All the people who have contributed to the success of the event...

Motion Capture Team with
Taichi Master (front row, 3rd from right)
  Motion Capture Team and
Supporting Staff
  Our Documentary Team
  Shaolin Kungfu Masters with
Event Organizer and Sponsor

3 July 2016