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2010 - 2019
Pham Tan Hung
Thesis: Machine Learning System Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to Help in the Assessment of Colorectal Surgery, M.Comp., Jun 2019.
Soh Rong'En
Thesis: 3-Dimensional Segmentation of Mesorectal Volume for Assessment of Colorectal Surgery, M.Comp., Jan 2018.
Abdullah A. Abuolaim
Thesis: Unsupervised Detection and Localization of Anomalous Motion Patterns in Surveillance Video, M.Sc., Jul 2017.
Jeffry Hartanto
QE: Computational Modeling of Patellofemoral Joint Motion of Human Knee, Apr 2017.
Li Guodong
Thesis: Face Image De-occlusion with Variable-Threshold Robust PCA, M.Sc., June 2016
Xie Shudong
GRP: Reference Registration and Salient Surface Detection for Reconstruction of Deformed Skulls, Nov 2014.
Proposal: Reconstruction of Defective Skulls by Non-Rigid Registration with Interpolating Surface, Nov 2016.
Thesis: Reconstruction of Defective Skulls by Non-Rigid Registration with Interpolating Surface, Aug 2017.
Zhang Kun
Thesis: Dense Correspondence and Statistical Shape Reconstruction of Fractured, Incomplete Skulls, M.Sc., Jul 2014
Cheng Yuan
GRP: Craniomaxillofacial Surgical Simulation and Planning, 2010
Proposal: Computer-Aided Craniomaxillofacial Surgery Planning, 2011
Thesis: Computer-Aided Craniomaxillofacial Surgery Planning for Fractured Skulls, Ph.D., Oct 2013
Zhu Chen
Thesis: Robust Reconstruction of Textured Surfaces from 3D Point Clouds, M.Sc., Jan 2013
Saurabh Garg
Thesis: Procedural Modeling and Constrained Morphing of Leaves, Ph.D., May 2011
Lu Haiyun
GRP: Protein Docking, Apr 2005
Proposal: Conformational Changes In Protein Interations, Jul 2006
Thesis: Knowledge-Guided Docking of Flexible Ligands to Protein Domains, Ph.D., Aug 2011
Wang Yumei
Thesis: Tracking of Coronary Arteries in Angiogram Sequence by Structural Matching of Junctions, M.Sc., 2011
Ding Feng
GRP: Segmentation of Soft Tissues in Medical Images, Apr 2005
Proposal: Segmentation of Bone Structures in X-ray Images, Jul 2006
Thesis: 3D Segmentation of Soft Tissues by Flipping-free Mesh Deformation, Ph.D. Oct 2010
Li Hao
GRP: Registration-Based Segmentation of Medical Images, Jul 2006
Proposal: Predictive Surgical Simulation for Cardiac Surgery, Jan 2008
Thesis: Predictive Surgical Simulation for Preoperative Planning of Complex Cardiovascular Surgeries, Ph.D., Jun 2010
Song Zhiyuan
Thesis:Hepatic Vein Segmentation in CT Images using Fast Marching Method Driven by Gaussian Mixture Models, M.Sc., 2010
2000 - 2009
Lu Huanhuan
Thesis: Computer Assisted Musical Instrument Tutoring Applied to Violin Practice, M.Sc., 2009
Alvin Chia Wen Jie
Thesis: Motion Segmentation Based On Joint Swings, M.Sc., 2009
Dennis Lim Ser Ee
Thesis: Automated Segmentation of Soft Tissue in Abdominal CT Scans, M.Sc., 2009
Ee Xianhe
Thesis: Digitally Reconstructed Wall Radiographs, M.Sc., 2008
Qi Yingyi
GRP: Segmentation of Vascular Structures from Medical Images, Jul 2006
Thesis: Segmentation and Reconstruction of 3D Artery Models for Surgical Planning, M.Sc., 2008
Wang Ruixuan
Proposal: 3D-to-2D Spatiotemporal Registration of Long Human Motion Sequences
Thesis: 3D-2D Spatiotemporal Registration for Human Motion Analysis, Ph.D., 2008
Chen Ying
Model-Based Approach for Extracting Femur Contours in X-ray Images, M.Sc., 2005
Margarita Carmen S. Paterno
Fuzzy Semantic Labeling of Natural Images, M.Sc., 2004
Guo Jugui
Multi-resolution Region-preserving Segmentation for Color Images of Natural Scene, M.Sc., 2004
Ivo Widjaja
Identifying Painters from Color Profiles of Skin Patches in Painting Images, M.Sc., 2003
Chan Wai Keong
View-Based 3D Object Recognition, M.Sc., 2002
Tian Tai Peng
Detection of Femur Fractures in X-Ray Images, M.Sc., 2002
Li Rui
From Region Features to Semantic Labels: A Probabilistic Approach, M.Sc., 2002
Low Kian Hsiang
Integrated Robot Planning and Control with Extended Kohonen Maps, M.Sc., 2002
Long Huizhong
Perceptual Texture Space for Invariant and Perceptually Consistent Texture Mapping, Ph.D., 2002
Zhang Qingjun
Neural Network Model of Reading Process, M.Sc., 2002
Zhou Luping
3D Surface Reconstruction by Tangent Plane Intersection, M.Sc., 2001
Indriyati Atmosukarto
Frontier Advancing Delaunay Triangulation of Unorganized 3D Points, M.Sc., 2001
Tang Mengting
Geon-Based 3D Object Recognition from 2D Real Images, M.Sc., 2001
Handoko Setyawan
Model-Based Human Detection in Images, M.Sc., 2001
(supervisor: A/Prof Sung Kah Kay)
Terence Tay Han Boon
Probabilistic Learning and Modelling of Object Dynamics for Tracking, M.Sc., 2000
(supervisor: A/Prof Sung Kah Kay)
Zhang Yong
Preprocessing and Feature Tracking for Reconstruction of 3D Models, M.Sc., 2000
Wong Swee Seong
Colour Segmentation and Figure-Ground Segregation of Natural Images, M.Sc., 2000
1997 - 1999
Lai Seow Yong
Invariant Textuer Matching for Content-Based Image Retrieval, M.Sc., 1998
Zhang Nan
Invariant Segmentation of Texture in Images of Natural Scene, M.Sc., 1997
My PhD Thesis
Leow Wee Kheng
VISOR: Learning Visual Schemas in Neural Networks for Object Recognition and Scene Analysis
Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 1994

6 Feb 2020