Wei Tsang Ooi

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

Co-Director, IPAL, a Franco-Singaporean Joint Research Lab

Thesis Advisor

Current Advisees

Nguyen Truong Trong Thanh

Ph.D. Candidate (A*STAR ACIS Scholar, Co-advisor: Sun Ying, I2R)

Thanh graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2021, with BComp(Computer Science) Highest Distinction.

Thanh is a DesCartes PhD student, working together with Benoit Cottereau, CerCo.

Fan Xiaofang

Ph.D. Candidate (A*STAR ACIS Scholar, Co-advisor: Ceston Tan, I2R)

Xiaofang graduated from the Nanyang Technological University in 2019 with a BEng(EEE), Highest Distinction. His thesis focuses on federated reinforcement learning.

Zhou Chen

Ph.D. Candidate

Zhou Chen received her Bachelor's degree from Jilin University in 2016. Her research interests lie in human-computer interaction, particularly on smart glasses.

Yannis Montreuil

Ph.D. Candidate (A*STAR Scholar, Co-advisor: Lai Xing Ng, I2R)

Yannis obtained his Master of Science, Industrial and Operations Research from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métie (ENSAM). He is currently looking into human-in-the-loop machine learning.

Yannis is a DesCartes PhD student, working together with Lai Xing Ng, I2R, and Axel Carlier, INP Toulouse and IRIT.

Lingdong Kong

Ph.D. Candidate

Lingdong received his Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University in 2022 and his Bachelor of Engineering in Intelligent Science and Technology from the South China University of Technology in 2019. His interests lie in robust and scalable computer vision algorithms using deep learning, with particular focuses on 3D perception, domain adaptation, and visual representation learning.

Lingdong is a DesCartes PhD student, working together with Lai Xing Ng, I2R, and Benoit Cottereau, CerCo.

Peisen Xu

Ph.D. Candidate

Peisen receives his Master of Arts (Research) from Nanyang Technological University in 2022 and his Bachelor of Engineering (Information Engineering and MEdia) in 2020. He is currently a researcher at CNRS@CREATE and a part-time Ph.D. student. His interests include graphics, virtual reality, video game and graphic art.

Peisen is a DesCartes Researcher, working together with Christophe Jouffrais, IRIT and IPAL, and Jérémie Garcia, ENAC.

Yuang Shi

Ph.D. Candidate

Yuang graduated from Sichuan University, China, in 2021 with a Bachelor of Engineering and the National UNiversity of Singapore, in 2022, with a Master of Computer. He is working on networked multimedia systems, particularly, on 3D media streaming.

Keyu Duan

Ph.D. Candidate (Co-advisor: Qizhe Xie)

Keyu's research interests include graph representation learning and large language models. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Beihang University, China.

Opening Available

I am always looking for motivated Ph.D. students to collaborate with in the area of interactive multimedia systems and networking.

Graduated Students


Thesis information and first jobs after graduation.

  1. Samuel Rhys Cox  

    "Creating More Effective Text-Based Computer-Delivered Health Messaging", Ph.D., 2023. (Co-advisor: Brian Lim)

  2. Shan Zhang  

    "Towards Attention-aware Concept Map based Review in Video Learning", Ph.D.,2023, (Co-advisor: Shengdong Zhao)

    1st Employment: UX Researcher, AutoDesk

  3. Praveen Kumar Yadav  

    "A Queueing Theory Approach to Adaptive Video Streaming", Ph.D., 2020.

    1st Employment: Co-Founder and CEO, Atlastream

  4. Hui Wang

    "Adaptive Wireless Networking for Video Streaming", Ph.D., 2015 (Co-advisor: Mun Choon Chan).

    1st Employment: Google, USA.

  5. Sreetama Basu  

    "Automated Analysis of Neuronal Morphology: Detection, Modeling and Reconstruction", Ph.D., 2015 (Co-advisor: Daniel Racoceanu).

    1st Employment: Postdoc at ENS, France.

  6. Minhui Zhu  

    "Sprite Tree: An Efficient Image-Based Representation for Networked Virtual Environments", Ph.D., 2015

    1st Employment: Visa, Singapore.

  7. Shanghong Zhao

    "3D Mesh Preview Streaming", Ph.D., 2014.

    1st Employment: Garena, Singapore.

  8. Zhenwei Zhao  

    "Supporting Non-Linear and Non-Continuous Media Access in Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Systems", Ph.D., 2013.

    1st Employment: TAPI Data Solutions (CTO and Co-Founder), Singapore.

  9. Manoranjan Mohanty  

    "Secret Sharing Approach for Securing Cloud-Based Image Processing," Ph. D., 2013.

    1st Employment: Postdoctoral Researcher, SICS, Sweden.

  10. Pavel Korshunov  

    "Video Quality for Video Analysis," Ph. D., 2011.

    1st Employment: Postdoc at EPFL, Switzerland

  11. Balaji Raman  

    "Application-Specific Workload Shaping in Resource-Constrained Media Players," Ph .D., 2010. (co-advisor: Samarjit Chakraborty).

    1st Employment: Postdoc at Ecole Polytecnique, France

  12. Wei Cheng  

    "Streaming of High-Resolution Progressive Meshes over the Internet," Ph. D., 2010.

    1st Employment: Postdoc, NUS.

  13. Satish Verma  

    "Techniques for Improving Predictability and Message Efficiency of Gossip Protocols," Ph. D., 2010.

    1st Employment: Samsung, Korea.

  14. Lin Ma  

    "Techniques and Protocols for Distributed Media Streaming," Ph. D. 2008.

    1st Employment: Macquarie Bank, Singapore.

  15. Yanhong Liu  

    "System-level Modeling and Analysis of Multimedia-SoC Platforms," Ph. D. 2007. (co-advisor: Samarjit Chakraborty).

    1st Employment: Postdoc, NUS

M.Sc/M.Comp. Students

Zhenwei Tan

"Edge AI for Video Surveillance", M. Comp., 2021

1st Employment: ByteDance, China.

Jun Wei Chan

"Explaining Deep Neural Network Classifier using alike Prototypes", M. Comp., 2020

Cong Pang

"Supporting Arbitrary Zoom in Zoomable Video," M. Sc., 2013.

1st Employment: ViSenze, Singapore.

Feipeng Liu

"Zoomable Video Playback on Mobile Devices by Selective Decoding," M. Comp., 2012.

1st Employment: Software Engineer, Google

Chanaka Aruna Munasinge

"Texture Caching in Networked Virtual Environments," M. Sc., 2012.

Yan Luo

"HTTP Live Streaming for Zoomable Video," M. Sc., 2012.

1st Employment: Microsoft.

Jinyu Xu

"Multipath Routing over Wireless Mesh Networks," M. Sc., 2012.

1st Employment: Industrial Bank, China.

Dan Liu

M. Comp., 2011.

Sameer Samath

"An Analytical Model for the Effects of Seek and Pause in Mesh-based Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand Systems," M. Comp., 2010.

1st Employment: Research Assistant, NUS.

Pham Viet Thang

"Quality-Driven Sensor Selection in Target Tracking," M. Sc. 2005, (co-advisor: Jit Biswas).

1st Employment: Sun Microsystem, Vietnam.

Qingrui Li

"Parallel Processing of Streaming Media on Heterogeneous Hosts using Work Stealing," M. Sc. 2004.

1st Employment: ST Microelectronics, Singapore.

Yuan Li

"Distributed Construction of Resource-Efficient Overlay Tree by Approximating MST," M. Sc. 2004.

1st Employment: IBM, China.

Wang Na

"Design and Implementation of RTP Stream Classification Methods," M. Sc. 2004.

1st Employment: Motorola, China.

Thesis Committee Member

I have served on the thesis commitee of many graduate students.

  • Xiabing Shen, M. Sc., Jan 2003
  • Sae-Wong Suthon, M. Sc., Apr 2003
  • Xiaoyan Yu, M. Sc., Jul 2003
  • Wai Meng Chew, M. Sc., Jul 2003
  • Liming An, M. Sc., Sep 2003
  • S. R. Sudharsanan, M. Sc., Oct 2003
  • Robin, M. Sc., Nov 2003
  • Yizhou Li, M. Sc., Nov 2003
  • Xiang Li, Ph. D., May 2004
  • Jing Xiao, Ph. D., Mar 2005
  • Weigang Fu, M. Comp., May 2005
  • Lin Lin, M. Sc., Jun 2005
  • Aurbind Sharma, M. Sc., Aug 2005
  • Yonghong Wang, Wilson, Ph. D., Sep 2005
  • Heuguet Sebastien, M. Eng., Apr 2006
  • Dinesh Kunchamwar, M. Sc., May 2006
  • Tao Gu, Ph. D., Aug 2006
  • Hang Yu, Ph. D., November 2006
  • Pradeep Kumar Atrey, Ph. D., Jan 2007
  • Parineeth M. Reddy, M. Sc., Feb 2007
  • Xiaoming Xu, M. Sc., May 2007
  • Shuiming Ye, Ph. D., June 2007
  • Vu Thanh Nguyen, Ph. D., Jul 2008
  • Wendong Huang, Ph. D., Nov 2008
  • Yicheng Huang, Ph. D., Jan 2009
  • Lifeng Zhou, Ph. D., Apr 2009
  • Paul (Hock Lai) Tan, May 2009
  • Bahareh Nazari, August 2009
  • Binbin Chen, Ph. D., November 2009
  • Xiuchao Wu, Ph. D., November 2009
  • Pratibha Sundar Sundaramoorthy, April 2010
  • Liming Lu, Ph. D., October 2010
  • Xiaomin Liu, November 2010
  • Hwee Xian Tan, Ph. D., March 2011
  • Jian Zhu, Ph. D., November 2011
  • Mukesh Kumar Saini, Ph. D., November 2011
  • Ke Liang, Ph. D., January 2012
  • Zhijie Shen, Ph. D., November 2012
  • Anand Bhojan, Ph. D., November 2012
  • Yinsheng Zhou, Ph. D., April 2013
  • Chen Qi, Ph. D., July 2013
  • Manjunath Davenkatappa, Ph. D., September 2013
  • Hao Jia, Ph. D., September 2013
  • Prabhu Natarajan, Ph. D., October 2013
  • Yin Xu, Ph. D., March 2014
  • Cristina Carbunaru, Ph. D., May 2014
  • Xiangfa Guo, Ph. D., August 2014
  • Chunwang Zhang, Ph. D., September 2014
  • Ying Zhang, Ph. D., October 2014
  • Wei Wang, Ph. D., December 2014
  • Kang Juan, M. Sc., February 2015
  • Jingli Cai, M. Sc., March 2015
  • Guanfeng Wang, Ph. D., April 2015
  • Tian Gan, Ph. D., July 2015
  • Chengwen Luo, Ph. D., July 2015
  • Montazeri Shahtouri Saeid, Ph. D., November 2015
  • Yifang Yin, Ph. D., April 2016
  • Kulkarni Aditya , M. Sc., April 2016
  • Ramapantulu Lavanya, Ph. D., June 2016
  • Rajiv Ratn Shah, Ph. D., June 2016
  • Feng Jiakun, M. Sc., Jan 2017
  • Hande Hong, Ph. D., June 2018
  • Chen Chen, Ph. D., November 2018
  • Bayan Ali Younis Ta'ani, October 2018
  • Paramasiven Appavoo, Ph. D., May 2019
  • Ziqi Yang, Ph. D., July 2019
  • Francesco Gelli, Ph. D., May 2020
  • Debjyoti Gosh, Ph. D., November 2020