CS3230: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS3230: There will be no lecture on 11th April 2018

Prerequisites: You should be familiar with material from Discrete Mathematics or Discrete Structures (CS1231), Programming Methodology (CS1010) and Data Structures and Algorithms (CS2040) or equivalent.


Sanjay Jain. Office: COM2 #03-59. Email: sanjay@comp.nus.edu.sg
(office hours: Wed 14:00--15:00)


Ziquan Lan (Office Hours Friday 16:00--17:00)



Mid Term Date/Time: 13 March 2018, 6PM. Location: MPSH 1A.

Syllabus: All topics covered in class upto and including the week just before the midterm.

Lectures: Wed 12--14

Aims and Objectives:

To study various algorithmic techniques for solving problems. To study methods for analysing the complexity of algorithms.


Course Assessment

Final Exam: 50%
Mid Term: 20%
Assignments: 20%
Tutorials Assignments and Class Participation: 10%

Reference Material and Books

Lecture Slides/Notes (The links will be activated as we progress in the semester)


  • Assignment 1 Submit the assignment to my office (COM2 03-59) or just before class on 14th Feb, 2018
  • Answer Sketch Assignment 1 (updated 7th March 2018)

  • Assignment 2 -- Silicon Wafers Submit the programs on codecrunch and writeup on IVLE by 16 March, 2018

  • Assignment 3 Submit the assignment to my office (COM2 03-59) or just before class on 4th Apr, 2018

  • Answer Sketch Assignment 3