Student Comments for Digital World, SUTD, Jan-May 2014

  • Very dedicated!
  • Answers are occasionally inconsistent.
  • Very helpful and knowledgable.
  • The can teach well only when it is in a small group or when we ask individually. It is very difficult to follow when he teaches cohort lessons.
  • noob-friendly teacher :)
  • Great patience.
  • Needs to allow the othe profs to help students instead of constantly insisting the need to listen first. One confusion leads to inability to further understand other topics linked to the original one.
  • Enthusiastic prof with bubble tea.
  • Should be less military-like in class.
  • Stanley is very committed in teaching and often stay after the class for one or two hours to clarify our questions.
  • Can slow down during lessons and go through more cohort problems together.
  • Could have been clearer in explaining more complicated concepts. Giving an overall summary of what is to be covered in class will help greatly.
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