To Potential Students/Researchers

I am looking for energetic and hardworking students/researchers! If you are interested in mathematical or system research on networking and distributed systems, please come to my office and we can have a chat to see whether we have any common research interest.

Ideal backgound for the research we conduct include, but not limited to,
  • probability and stochastic processes
  • mathematical optimization
  • algorithms and analysis
  • game theory and economics
  • strong in programming, e.g., C++, Python
  • good knowledge in systems, e.g., networks and Linux kernel
  • Current PhD Students

  • Walid Aljoby
    Research Topic: Network Management Using SDN
  • Lianjie Shi
    Research Topic: Design and Analysis of Network Caching Mechanisms
  • Zhaochen She
    Research Topic: Scaling Big Stream Data Systems
  • Rengan Dou
    Research Topic: Design and Implementation of Networked Caching and Storage Systems

  • Graduated PhD Students

  • Saeid Montazeri Shahtouri
    Thesis Title: Cache Management Algorithms: Single and Networked Caches
  • Mohammad R. Vedady Moghadam (co-supervise with Prof. Rui Zhang)
    Thesis Title: Frequency Control via Distributed Demand Response in Smart Grids

  • Recommended Readings

    Internet Economics

    Internet Ecosystem

    Network Optimization

    Game Theory and Economics

    Recommended Non-CS Courses


    • MA3236 Nonlinear Programming
    • MA3238 Stochastic Processes I
    • MA3252 Linear and Network Optimization
    • MA4264 Game Theory
    • MA5243 Advanced Mathematical Programming

    Decision Science

    • BDC6111 Foundations of Optimization
    • BDC6112 Stochastic Processes
    • BBP6793 Economic Modelling for Management Research
    • BDC6211 Convex Optimization
    • BDC6221 Stochastic Modelling and Optimization

    Faculty of Engineering

    • EE5101R Linear Systems
    • EE5102 Multivariable Control Systems
    • EE5107 Optimal Control Systems
    • EE5138R Optimization for Communication Systems
    • EE6105 Nonlinear Dynamics and Control