Teodora Baluta

PhD candidate, NUS

Email: teobaluta at gmail dot com

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Hi! I'm a PhD candidate at School of Computing, National University of Singapore, working with Prateek Saxena and Kuldeep S. Meel.

My main research focus is trustworthy machine learning where I have worked on verification and testing approaches to quantitatively assess machine learning models beyond accuracy on a test set. I am interested in developing machine learning algorithms with provable guarantees (such as robustness, privacy and fairness), as well as improving the scalability and expresiveness of verification and testing algorithms for neural networks.

More details are available in my CV and at my projects page.




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I have a traveling/essay blog that I occasionally update. The name of the blog over a cup of teh oh is a wordplay as my name is pronounced 'teh-oh-dora' and 'teh oh' in Singapore coffee shop language means 'tea without milk' (it's a Hokkien term).