Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore
CS5224 Cloud Computing - AY 2021/22
Semester 2 (Jan 2022)






This introductory cloud computing module covers fundamental aspects of cloud computing concepts, models, technologies, and cloud application programming. The module is divided into three main parts: principles of cloud computing, cloud technologies, programming & applications and cloud management with a business case project.
Topics include: concepts & models, cloud architecture, resource hosting & datacenter, virtualization & multi-tenancy, cloud application programming and paradigms, cloud software development, pricing models and TCO.  Cloud application developments for 
IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are introduced with hands-on using Amazon Web Services. The module includes programming assignments and a group project to develop an SaaS application. 

       Module Coordinator & Group 2: Teo Yong Meng - Com2, #04-39 (email),
       Group 1: Dumitrel Login (email)
Teaching Assistants:
       Group 1: Binita Radhakrishna
Shetty (email) and Omprakash Padmanaban (email)
       Group 2: Phichayut (Com2, #B1-01 (email))
Lecture (e-learning):
       Group 1 (Soc) - Tue, 6.30-8.30pm+1, Group 2 (non-SoC) - Wed 4-6pm+1
Consultation Hours: Wed, 2-3pm
Modular Credits: 4

Module Assessment
•    online self-assessment quizzes: 20%
•    programming assignments: 20%

•    project (group): 30%  
•    test (closed book): 30%                                                           

Main Textbooks
1. Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture, Thomas Erl, et al., Prentice-Hall, 2013 [2 copies at Central Library RBR].
2. The Datacenter as a Computer - Designing Warehouse-Scale Machines, 3rd edition, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2019 (available online).
3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Official Study Guide, Sybex 2017.

Showcase (2021)
1. Cloud Computing Project Posters - group 1, group 2
2. Cloud Computing Review: Technology & Applications
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