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National University of Singapore
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Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook
M.E. Indian Institute of Science

CV (updated April 2016)






Tulika Mitra is a Professor of Computer Science at School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS). Her research interests span various aspects of the design automation of embedded real-time systems, cyber-physical systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) with particular emphasis on low-power computing, heterogeneous computing, application-specific processors, and software timing analysis/optimizations. She has authored over hundred and fifty scientific publications in leading international journals and conferences and holds multiple US patents. Her research has been recognized by best paper award and nominations in leading conferences. Prof. Mitra currently serves as Senior Associate Editor of the ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, Associate Editor of IEEE Design & Test Magazine and EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems. She has served as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems in the past. She has served in the organizing and program committees of several major conferences in embedded systems, real-time systems, and electronic design automation including program chair of EMOSFT and CASES.

News July 2018:
Our static program analysis tool oo7 protects against Spectre attack. Try it out! (You need to send in a request for access)

Research group eCO: Embedded COmputing Lab @ School of Computing NUS

Current Projects:

Software Support for Heterogeneous Multi-Cores in Dark Silicon Era
Many-Core System Design for 5G Base Stations

Universal SoC: Automatic Generation of High-Performance SoCs for the Internet of Things

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Chronos 2.0: A Timing Analyzer for Embedded Software
Lin-Analyzer: A High-Level Performance Analysis Tool for FPGA Accelerators
Computational Kernels for Wearables (Sequential and Multi-threaded)


Professional Activities

Research Group Members


PhD students:

Tan Cheng (RA)

Wang Siqi (RA)

V Vanchinathan (RA)

Manupa Karunarathne [Presidentís Graduate Fellowship 2017, Research Achievement Award 2017] (RS-NUS)

Guanhua Wang (RS-NUS)

Arka Maity (RS-NRF)
Nishant Shyamal Budhdev (RS-NRF)

Anuj Pathania

Research Assistants:
Aditi Kulkarni

Past students
Zhong Guanwen (Henry) PhD 2017 [Research Achievement Award 2016] Employment: Xilinx Research Labs

Mihai Pricopi PhD 2014 [Research Achievement Award 2012, HiPEAC 2012 Best Student Poster Award] Employment: ARM Cambridge

Thannirmalai Somu Muthukaruppan PhD 2014 [Research Achievement Award 2013] Employment: Intel

Ding Huping PhD 2014 [Research Achievement Award 2012] Employment: Alibaba AI Lab

Chen Liang PhD 2014[Research Achievement Award 2011, FPT 2012 Outstanding Paper Award] Employment: Quantitative Strategist, Tower Research Capital

Liang Yun, PhD 2010 [Deanís Graduate Research Excellence Award 2010, Research Achievement Award 2009] Employment: Assistant Professor, Peking University

Ramkumar Jayaseelan, PhD 2010 [President's Graduate Fellowship 2007] Employment: NVIDIA, Austin Texas

Huynh Phung Huynh, PhD 2009. Employment: IHPC Singapore

Vivy Suhendra, PhD 2009 [Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award 2006] Employment: Executive Director, Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium

Pan Yu, PhD 2008 [Dean's Graduate Award 2004, SUN Fellowship 2005] Employment: Senior Scientist at nuTonomy

Xianfeng Li, PhD 2005 [Dean's Graduate Award 2003, Industry Fellowship 2002]. Employment:Professor, Peking University

Jiao Qing, MSc 2015. Employment: Mozat Pte. Ltd.

Kaushik Mysur, MComp 2012. Employment: Hitachi Network Storage Lab Singapore

Yan Li 2010. Graduate student, Washington University St. Louis

Hemendra S. Negi, MSc 2004. Employment: Mentor Graphics India

Shen Qinghua, MSc 2004. Employment: Creative Technology Singapore

Liao Jirong, MSc 2003. Employment: Citibank China

Raman Balaji, MSc 2003. Graduate student NUS


Past Post-docs
Gayathri Ananthanarayanan
K Raghavendra

Alok Prakash

Thomas Marconi




CG2271 Real-Time Operating Systems††††††††† †††††††††† Sem 2, 2015/16

CS4223 Multi-Core Architectures,†††††††††††††††††† ††††††††† Sem 1, 2011/12, Sem 1 2012/13, Sem 1 2013/14, Sem 1 2014/15, Sem 1 2015/16

CS4273 Embedded Software Design Project,†† †††††††† Sem 1, 2009/10, Sem 1 2010/11, Sem 2 2011/12, Sem 2 2012/13, Sem 2 2013/14

CS5222 Advanced Computer Architecture,†††† ††††††††† Sem 2, 2007/8, Sem 2 2008/9, Sem 2 2009/10, Sem 2 2010/11

CS5272Embedded Software Design,††††††††††††† †††††††† Sem 1 2004/5, Sem 1 2005/6, Sem 1 2006/7, Sem 1 2007/8, Sem 2 2012/13

CS5221Parallel Computing Systems,††††††† †††††††††††††† Sem 2 2004/5,Sem 2 2002/3, Sem 2 2001/2

CS2271Embedded Systems,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††† Sem 2 2003/4,Sem 1 2002/3, Sem 1 2001/2

CS1104 Computer Organization,††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††† Sem 2, 2000/1, Sem 2 2005/6, Sem 2 2006/7

Tulika Mitra

Department of Computer Science

School of Computing

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Singapore 117417

National University of Singapore

Tel:††† (65) 6516-6839

Fax:†† (65) 6779-4580

Email:  tulika@comp.nus.edu.sg