Open Positions: Postdoc Researchers

Performance analysis and efficiency estimation techniques, like sampled simulation and analytical modeling, are integral to the development and evaluation of new hardware designs. Currently, there are a number of limitations that prevent us from simulating general-purpose, mulit-threaded applications in a fast and efficient manner. We are looking for researchers who can push the state-of-the-art with respect to sampling methodologies for systems with large numbers of hardware contexts. Please email us at comparch<AT> with your CV, and the email addresses of at least two references (preferably academic references) to apply.

Position opened in June, 2018. Will be removed when filled.

Open Positions: PhD students

We are actively recruiting PhD students who are interested in computer architecture or related fields (compilers, etc.). We aim to address the performance and efficiency needs of future applications, from IoT to datacenter workloads, using techniques that span from hardware to software and reconfigurable platforms. Contact me directly if you are interested, and apply to our PhD program by the appropriate deadline.