Abhik Roychoudhury

School of Computing
National University of Singapore

abhik at comp dot nus dot edu dot sg








Service for capacity-building at NUS/Singapore


  • <Previous Appointments>

  • Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Computing, 2013-16.

  • Area Representative of Security area in CS Department Executive Committee, 2013-15.

  • Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Computing, 2011 - 13.

  • Chair of Publication Ranking Committee, NUS CS Department, 2010-13.

  • International Member of ArtistDesign Network of Excellence on Design for Embedded Systems (2009-12).

  • NUS School of Computing Graduate Studies Committee member, 2003-16.

  • Associate Professor Representative in Executive Committee, 2010.

  • Assistant Professor Representative in Executive Committee, 2002-03.


Reviewing and Editorial Service to Research Community



          Associate Editor of Journals

                 IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC), currently serving.

                 ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM), currently serving.

                 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), 2014-18.



          Recent Conference Organization:

                 Shonan Meeting on Fuzzing and Symbolic Execution, 2019.

                 Dagstuhl Workshop on Automated Repair, 2017.

                 ISSTA 2016, Program Chair.

                 ICSE 2015 Co-chair, New Ideas and Emerging Results (NIER).

                 ICSE 2014 Mentoring Co-chair.

                 SIGSOFT FSE 2014 Doctoral Symposium Co-chair.

                 ICTAC 12 Program Chair.

                 RTSS12  Chair, Design and Verification Track.

                 Co-organizer of Workshop on Future of Debugging, Feb 2012.



        Recent Technical Program Committee Memberships :


                 ICSE 2021.


                 ICSE 2020, ICST 2020, ESEC-FSE 2020, MSR 2020, ASE 2020, EMSOFT 2020.               


                 ESEC-FSE 2019, ICSE 2019, ASE2018, MobileSoft2018.


                 ASE 2017, ICSE 2017, ESEC-FSE 2017, ICST 2017, HASE 2017.


                 ISSTA 2015,  EMSOFT 2015,  ICST 2015, RV 2015, ICSE 2016, ISSTA 2016.


                 FM 2014,  ICSE 2014 (NIER), ISEC 2014, ICST 2014, DATE 2014, RTAS 2014, LCTES 2014, RTSS 2014.


                 ISEC 13, ICST 13, ISSTA 13, ISSTA 13 Doctoral Symposium, FASE 13, ASE 13, ICTAC 13, ATVA 13, RTSS 2013.


                 SIGSOFT FSE12, LCTES12, DATE12, ATVA12.


                 PPPJ11, WCET11, ATVA11, RTSS11.


                 PPPJ 10, WCET10, ISoLA10, RTSS10.


                 ICSE 09 (Tools track), ATVA 09, ICTAC 09.



         Other Memberships:


                International Member of ArtistDesign Network of Excellence on Design for Embedded Systems,

                Technical roles related to the cluster on Software Synthesis, Code Generation and Timing Analysis [2009-12].


                International Partner in COST Action  on Timing Analysis on Code Level (TACLe)  [2012-15].