Abhik Roychoudhury

School of Computing
National University of Singapore

abhik at comp dot nus dot edu dot sg







Software Benchmarks and Productivity Tools built from my research


          AFLGo: a directed Greybox Fuzz testing tool built on AFL - Released September 2017.


          AFLFast: an improved Greybox Fuzz testing tool built on AFL - Released August 2016.


         SemFix and Angelix  - Program Repair tools -> Released Feb 2016.

CoreBench   A set of benchmarks containing realistic regression errors, as opposed to seeded errors. See also our ISSTA14 paper.


JSlice Dynamic Slicing for Java Program Debugging and Comprehension (2-page summary) Received Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's Award (Silver) 2008, Users in over 150 organizations, used for teaching, research and development.


Chronos for multi-cores,  the first execution time analysis tool for multi-core platforms.

Chronos Worst-case Execution Time (WCET) Analysis for C programs, Users in around 110 organizations (universities & companies), Used in under-graduate teaching in universities outside NUS, Successful participant in first WCET Tool Challenge in 2006.


Symbolic Simulator for Live Sequence Charts (LSCs)


Memory Model Sensitive Assertion Checker for C# Programs