Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Fellows (Past and Present)

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Current Post-docs


Current PhD Students 

PhD Students Graduated

Former Post-docs


Masters Students Graduated

Edwin Lesmana Tjiong, Graduated 2018.

Lee Kee Chong (M.Comp by dissertation), Integrated Timing Analysis of Application and Operating Systems Code, Graduated 2015.

Bach Khoa Huynh (M.Sc.), Timing analysis of Data intensive programs, Graduated 2010.

Shanshan Liu (M.Sc.), Model Checking Parameterized Process Classes, Graduated 2009, Moved to DBS Singapore as Analyst.

Liang Guo (M.Sc.) Debugging Statechart models via Model-code Traceability, Graduated 2008, Moved to CreditSuisse, Singapore.

Tuan-Anh Tran (M.Sc.) Automated Generation of Protocol Converters from Scenario-based Specifications, Co-supervisor [Main supervisor P.S. Thiagarajan],  Graduated 2005, Moved to a start-up comany.

Qinghua Shen (M.Sc.)     Multithreaded Java from Multiprocessor Perspective, Graduated 2004, Main supervisor [Co-supervisor Tulika Mitra], Moved to Creative Technologies Ltd., Singapore.

Hemendra Singh Negi (M.Sc.) Two Concrete Problems in Worst-case Execution Time Analysis, Graduated 2004, Co-supervisor [Main supervisor Tulika Mitra], Moved to Mentor Graphics (India).

Lei Xie (M.Sc.)  Performance Impact of Multithreaded Java Semantics on Multiprocessor Memory Models, Graduated July 2003, Moved to ??