Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Fellows working with Abhik

(Research Group at NUS : Past and Present)


                       An old group photograph taken in 2016.                                                                                                                                                                            

Current Post-docs

Zhen Dong, Senior Research Fellow, joined March 2017, PhD University of Heidelberg in 2017.

Umair Z. Ahmed, Research Fellow, Joined 2019, PhD IIT Kanpur 2019.

Abhishek Tiwari, Research Fellow, Joined 2020, PhD University of Potsdam 2019.

Yannic Noller, Research Fellow, Joined 2020, PhD Humboldt University of Berlin 2020.


Current PhD Students 


Xiang Gao,  joined 2016, Over-fitting in Program Repair and Synthesis.

Ridwan Shariffdeen, Joined January 2018, Security Vulnerability Repair.

Zhiyu Fan, Joined August 2019, Machine Teaching and Intelligent tutoring for Programming Education.

Jiang Zhang, Joined August 2019, Hyper-property Repair and Explanations.

Jinsheng Ba, Joined Jan 2020, Fuzzing and Behavioral Inference of Stateful Systems.

Ruijie Meng, Joined August 2020, Fuzzing and Fixing of Concurrent Systems (tentative topic)

Liu Yu, Joined August 2020.

Photo Jyoti Prakash

Jyoti Prakash, Joining January 2021.

PhD Students Graduated

Sergey Mechtaev, Semantic Program Repair, Graduated 2018, ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Dissertation Award 2018, Best PhD thesis 2018, University College London (UCL) as Lecturer (Assistant Professor).

Shin Hwei Tan, Design of repair operators for automated program repair, graduated 2018, moved to SUSTech as Assistant Professor.

Van Thuan Pham, Enhancing directed search in black-box, grey-box and white-box fuzz testing, Graduated 2018, moved as Lecturer (Asst Prof) at University of Melbourne from 2020.

Abhijeet Banerjee, Static analysis driven testing of performance and energy consumption properties, Graduated 2016.

Marcel BöhmeAutomated regression testing and verification of complex code changes, Graduated 2014, Moved as Senior Lecturer at Monash University (Australia).

Sudipta Chattopadhyay Time-predictable Execution of Embedded Software on Multi-core Platforms ,Presidential Graduate Fellowship, Graduated 2013, Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) since 2017.


Dawei Qi,  [Co-supervisor Zhenkai Liang], Semantic Analyses to detect and localize software regression errors. Presidential Graduate Fellowship, Best Phd Thesis 2013, Graduated 2013, Moved to WorldQuant Singapore.

Sandeep Kumar [Co-supervisor Siau Cheng Khoo], Mining Behavioral Specifications of Distributed Systems, Graduated Dec 2012, Moved to AdNovum, Singapore -> Google Mountain View.

Lei JuModel-driven timing analysis of embedded software, [Co-supervisor Samarjit Chakraborty], Graduated 2010. Received Faculty Research Achievement Award, Moved to Associate Professor at Shandong University, China.

Vivy Suhendra,  Memory Optimizations for Time-predictable Embedded Software, [Co-supervisor Tulika Mitra], Graduated 2010. Awarded Microsoft Research fellowship (2006-07), Moved to A*STAR and then Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium.

Ankit Goel, Parameterized Validation of UML-like models for Reactive Embedded Systems, Graduated 2010. Awarded Dean's Graduate Award 2008.

Tao Wang,  Post-mortem Dynamic Analysis for Software Debugging, Graduated 2008. Best PhD Thesis 2008  Awarded Microsoft Research fellowship (2004-05), Presidential Graduate Fellowship, Moved as Vice President at Morgan Stanley.

Xianfeng Li,  Micro-architectural Modeling for Timing Analysis of Embedded Software, [Co-supervisor Tulika Mitra], Graduated 2006, Awarded Dean's Graduate Award, Moved to Peking University, currently Associate Professor.

Former Post-docs

Jooyong Yi, Senior Research Fellow (2013-17),  PhD Aarhus U. (Denmark), Moved to Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) Korea as Assistant Professor.

Marcel Böhme, Research Fellow & Senior Research Fellow (2015-18), PhD NUS, Moved to Monash University, Senior Lecturer.

Konstantin Rubinov, Research Fellow, (2013-2015), PhD University of Lugano (Switzerland), moved to Politecnico di Milano.

Clément Ballabriga, Research Fellow at NUS (2012 - 2014), PhD University of Toulouse (France), Moved to University of Lille (France), currently Associate Professor.

Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira, Senior Research Fellow at NUS (2012-13), PhD Oxford (U.K.),  Moved to Hong Kong University, currently Associate Professor.

Ansuman Banerjee, Research Fellow at NUS (2010), PhD IIT Kharagpur (India), Moved to Indian Statistical Institute, currently Associate Professor.

Sun Meng, Research Fellow at NUS (2005-06), PhD Peking University (China), Moved to Peking University (School of Mathematical Sciences), currently Professor.


Masters Students Graduated

Edwin Lesmana Tjiong, Graduated 2018.

Lee Kee Chong (M.Comp by dissertation), Integrated Timing Analysis of Application and Operating Systems Code, Graduated 2015.

Bach Khoa Huynh (M.Sc.), Timing analysis of Data intensive programs, Graduated 2010.

Shanshan Liu (M.Sc.), Model Checking Parameterized Process Classes, Graduated 2009, Moved to DBS Singapore as Analyst.

Liang Guo (M.Sc.) Debugging Statechart models via Model-code Traceability, Graduated 2008, Moved to CreditSuisse, Singapore.

Tuan-Anh Tran (M.Sc.) Automated Generation of Protocol Converters from Scenario-based Specifications, Co-supervisor [Main supervisor P.S. Thiagarajan],  Graduated 2005, Moved to a start-up comany.

Qinghua Shen (M.Sc.)     Multithreaded Java from Multiprocessor Perspective, Graduated 2004, Main supervisor [Co-supervisor Tulika Mitra], Moved to Creative Technologies Ltd., Singapore.

Hemendra Singh Negi (M.Sc.) Two Concrete Problems in Worst-case Execution Time Analysis, Graduated 2004, Co-supervisor [Main supervisor Tulika Mitra], Moved to Mentor Graphics (India).

Lei Xie (M.Sc.)  Performance Impact of Multithreaded Java Semantics on Multiprocessor Memory Models, Graduated July 2003, Moved to ??