Chan, Mun Choon

School of Computing, National University of Singapore

Computing 1, 13 Computing Drive, Singapore 117417

Email: chanmc AT comp dot nus dot edu dot sg

Office: COM2 #04-17
Tel: (65) 6516 7372 Fax: (65) 6779 4580





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On-Going Projects

Smartphone Based Applications

With mobile devices becoming ubiquitous, collaborative applications have become increasingly pervasive. We look into various approaches in which these devices can leverage the available sensing, computation and communication capabilities to design collaborative applications.

Sensor Network Protocols

There is a strong emphasis on system implementation in this work. Most of the proposed protocols have been implemented in TinyOS and evaluated on testbeds consisting of MICA2, MICAz and/or TelsoB motes. We have gone through 3 generations of sensor testbeds and the third generation deployment is INDRIYA, a 140 nodes sensor testbed.

DTN Applications

We look at how DTN routing protocol can benefit from application semantics. A simple motivation example is that it is much better that 50% of the files are completely received than receiving 50% of all the files - resulting in no successful file downloads at all. We propose an application aware routing protocol that can exploit application semantics expressed through a graph structure. Results show improvement of more than 500% in some scenarios. This work is partially funded by the SMART Future Urban Mobility IRG.

  • Xiangfa Guo and Mun Choon Chan, “Plankton: An Efficient DTN Routing Algorithm,” IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communications and Networking (SECON), 2013.
  • FC Choo, PV Seshadri, MC Chan, “Application-Aware Disruption Tolerant Network,” IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS), 2011.

Energy Efficient Protocol

As the current generation of mobile smartphones become more powerful, they are being used to perform more resource intensive tasks. Our measurements show that the display and network resources each consuming close to 45% of the total battery power when fully operational. Hence, we focus on saving energy on both the display and network interface.

  • K Thirugnanam, B Anand, J Sebastian, PG Kannan, AL Ananda, RK Balan, and MC Chan, “Dynamic Lookahead Mechanism for Conserving Power in Multi-Player Mobile Games,” IEEE INFOCOM 2012 Mini-Conference.
  • B Anand, K Thirugnanam, J Sebastian, PG Kannan, AL Ananda, MC Chan, RK Balan, “Adaptive display power management for mobile games,” ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (Mobisys) 2011.


Past Projects

Network Access from Vehicular DTN

  • Binbin Chen and Mun Choon Chan, “MobiCent: a Credit-Based Incentive System for Disruption Tolerant Network,” INFOCOM 2010.
  • Binbin Chen and Mun Choon Chan, "MobTorrent: A Framework for Mobile Internet Access from Vehicles," IEEE Infocom 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 19-25, 2009. (Acceptance Rate: 19.65%)

Sensor Network Management

  • Mingze Zhang, Mun Choon Chan and A.L. Ananda, “Connectivity Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks,” Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Feb 2010, pp. 112-127.
  • Mingze Zhang, Mun Choon Chan and A.L. Ananda, "Coverage Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Distance Estimates," IEEE SECON, June 18-21, 2007, San Diego, California, USA. (Acceptance rate: ~60/300, ~20%)

TCP over 3G

  • Mun Choon Chan and Ram Ramjee, “TCP/IP Performance over 3G Wireless Links with Rate and Delay Variation,” ACM Mobicom’02,  Atlanta, GA, Sep. 2002. (Acceptance Rate: 26/364, 7%)
  • Mun Choon Chan and Ram Ramjee, "Improving TCP/IP Performance over Third Generation Wireless Networks," IEEE  Transactions of Mobile Computing, Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2008 Page(s):430 - 443.

Wireless Data Caching

  • Mun Choon Chan and Thomas Woo, “Cached-Based Compaction: A New Technique for Optimizing Web Transfer,” INFOCOM’99, New York, NY, March, 1999. (Acceptance Rate: 184/600, 31%)
  • Mun Choon Chan and Thomas Woo, “Cache-based compaction technique for internet browsing using similar objects in client cache as reference objects,” US Patent# 6,178,461, Jan 23, 2001. (163 citation on USPTO as of July, 2014).

Open Signaling and Network Control

  • Mun Choon Chan and Aurel A. Lazar, “Designing a CORBA-Based High Performance Programmable Signaling System for ATM Switching System,” Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, special issue on Service Enabling Platforms for Networked Multimedia Systems. Vol. 17, No. 9, pp. 1537-1548, Sep. 1999.

Network Management

  • Yow-Jian Lin and Mun Choon Chan, “A Scalable Monitoring Approach based on Aggregation and Refinement'', Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, special issue on Recent advances on fundamentals of network management, Vol. 20, No. 4, May 2002.
  • Mun Choon Chan, Aurel. A. Lazar and Rolf Stadler, “Customer management and control of broadband VPN services,” Fifth IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, San Diego, CA, May 1997.



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Graduate Students



Hong Hande (Aug 2012 - ) (submitted thesis for evaluation)

Mobile Computing

Paramasiven Appavoo (Jan 2014 - ) (co-supervise with Anand Bhojan)

Internet of Things

Pravein Govindan Kannan (Jan 2015 - )

Software Defined Networks

Nishant Budhdev (Aug 2015 - ) (co-supervise with Tulik Mitra)

5G Cloud RAN

Ebram Kamal William Aziz (Jan 2017 - )

Data Processing on Sensor Network


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