15/10/06 Field Trip to NetGames 2006. The NetGames workshop will be held in UCC, NUS, Singapore from 30th - 31st October this year. Researchers will be here presenting their research results on networked games. I have arranged for our class to attend the session on ''MMOG Scalability'' at the workshop.

    When: 30 October, 2006, Monday, 10:00pm to 12:00noon (Normal lecture slot) (The session ends at 12:30noon and you are encouraged to stay until then if you are free).

    Please meet outside UCC Green Room at 9:50am and collect your name tags from me.

    Where: UCC Green Room

    Attire: Presentable (no slippers, no shorts, no singlets etc.)


      04/10/06 Mobile 3D API java-doc is available with Nokia Prototype SDK at Nokia Prototype SDK
      04/10/06 Lecture 7: 3D Mobile Games --- Slides with post-lecture updates are ready for downloading.
      04/10/06 'Lab 5 - 3D Mobile Games' - Lab exercise is uploaded.
      01/10/06 Lecture 7: 3D Mobile Games --- Slides are uploaded.
      20/09/06 Lab 3 Solutions are uploaded. Post your comments/questions in the IVLE-forum.
      19/09/06 Dear all, Lab 4: No Lab questions. You can use this time to do your project work. Attendance is optional. Have uploaded demo codes for Local Storage Management, User Interface Development and Audio/Video for Games. Try these demo codes during the session.
      12/09/06 Dear all, Your project proposals fits within the scope. You can start designing and developing. Try to extend to other platforms such as PC and PDA.
      12/09/06 'Lab 3 - Networked Mobile Game - 2' - Lab exercise is uploaded
      08/09/06 'Lab 2 - Partial Solution (Clinet and Server) is uploaded (new version). Take a look if you have problems with Threads and Type Casting. Post question in the Discussion FORUM (IVLE), if you have any. Cheers
      06/09/06 'Lab 2 - Networked Mobile Game - 1' - Instead of HTTP connection, you can also use Socket Connection
      05/09/06 'Lab 2 - Networked Mobile Game - 1' - Lab exercise is uploaded
      01/09/06 For all ONLINE submissions, please goto 'PROJECT' folder inside IVLE-CS4344
      01/09/06 Mobile Game Beginners: Additional Reading Material on 2D game development is posted below lecture 3 slides. Find Recommended text books for J2ME under Text Books column
      01/09/06 'Lab 1: 2D Space Ship Game' submission deadline: 1 Sep 11.59 PM for WED group ****AND**** 2 Sep 11.59 PM for THURS group. ONLINE SUBMISSION - IVLE
      01/09/06 'Assignment 1: Pervasive & ARG' submission deadline: 09 Sep 11.59 PM. ONLINE SUBMISSION - IVLE
      01/09/06 'Project Spec:' submission deadline: 4 Sep 11.59 PM. ONLINE SUBMISSION - IVLE Register the group members' names in IVLE before submission. Select any group from 1 to 15. Maximum 2 members per group.
      31/08/06 'LAB 1 Tips' is updated. Easy to handle single Sprite with 3 frames when compared to 3 Sprites......
      28/08/06 One more LAB session is scheduled. Thursday 2-4 pm
      21/08/06 Tutorial Time/venue is changed back to Monday 9-10 AM. No need to resigter in CORS
      18/08/06 Tutorial Time/venue is changed. Please take note and resigter through CORS
      Assignment 1 is uploaded.
      Dear Students, submit project specifications with your group members name by week 3, Fri 1 sep 2006, 5pm

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