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This module lays the theoretical foundation for graduate students to do research in multimedia: images, videos, audio, speech, graphics, etc. The module covers the main theoretical issues common to various multimedia research. These issues provide a general framework within which specific techniques in particular research areas can be understood.

The central theme of this module is data fitting, which includes two families of algorithms: approximation and interpolation.
After taking this module, students will be well-grounded in the theoretical aspects of multimedia, as well as gain experience in solving practical media problems.

We aspire to help the students
master problem solving
appreciate beauty of mathematics

Basic linear algebra, calculus, probability and statistics.
Assessment Weight
Online quizzes 15%
Assignments 15%
Team Project 35%
Final Assessment (exam) 35%

Final assessment (exam) is conducted on 3 Dec morning.

Self-study materials are not included in the assessments.

Please refer to IVLE CS5240 for more details.
A/Prof. Leow Wee Kheng
Email: leowwk@comp.nus.edu.sg
Office: AS6 #05-07
Office Hour: Tuesday 2-4pm
16 July 2018