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  Old Announcements
29th August
(i) A link to the book I mentioned in class has been added under "Resources". (ii) The label "playout delay" on "the staircase figure" shown during lecture was not correct. Thanks to Gu Yan for pointing it out. It has been corrected on the posted slides (slide no. 16).
23rd August
Printing of Slides: (i) Please beware that some of my powerpoint files have > 100 slides. You may want to print using "6 in 1" format. (ii) For a short time the slides posted are read-only. A bug in powerpoint prevent read-only slides to be printed. I have since removed the security feature of the slides. If you have an unprintable slides, please download again. (ACK: Thanks to Wee Shen for Tip (i) and David Hsu for Bug (ii))
15th August

There is no formal mechanism for registering your team. Just list your team members when you submit your project proposal (I will talk about that in class later).

14th August

Project team: Up to 3 students per team.

11th August

Reading papers before lectures is not required. Read them after the lecture instead. If I do my job properly, you will have an easier time understand the papers.

11th August

Workload Reduction: Number of reviews has been reduced to 8, and you are allowed to skip 3 of them. In other words, only 5 reviews count towards your final grade. If you submit more than 5, only your best 5 reviews contribute to your grade.

Thanks to all who provided valuable feedback regarding the workload.

31th July

Please note we will have our first introductory lecture in week 0. (8th August).

11th July

This web page is under construction. Everything written here is subjected to change. If you like to learn more about this class, please talk to Wei Tsang. His office is SOC1-04-20.

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