ALT and DS 2017 are hosted at the University of Kyoto.

The 28th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory ALT 2017) and the 20th International Conference on Discovery Science (DS 2017) will be held at Kyoto University, Japan, in October 2017. The webpage of DS 2017 on the location of the conferences contains a map and further information; the precise location is the Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall, located in the Yoshida Main Campus of the university.

Kyoto is an Japanese city in the region Kansai. It is known for its history as a former capital, its many temples and tourist sites and also for its university which is one of the best in Japan. Kyoto became the seat of Japan's imperial court in 794 and the emperors resided there until 1869. Kyoto has approximately 1.5 million inhabitants. See the Wikipedia page of Kyoto for more information.

Kyoto can best be reached from abroad via Kanzai International Airport or Osaka Airport. Furthermore, the Shinkansen stops at Kyoto Railwaystation and one can reach the city by fast trains from Tokyo (in the east) or Fukuoka (in the west).

The Kyoto University is the second oldest university in Japan and one of the seven national universities. Scientists at Kyoto University have done outstanding research and ten researchers received the Nobel Prize, two the Fields medal and one the Gauss Prize. See the Wikipedia page of Kyoto University for more information.