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Note: this run of the class has finished in 2011. Please visit the current website for the 2015 class.
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Module Description (excerpted from the bulletin): This module is targeted to graduate students of computer science and information systems wishing to understand the issues in building, using and maintaining large volumes of knowledge in digital libraries. Fundamentals of modern information retrieval is assumed. The course will focus on how such information retrieval technology operationalises traditional information finding skills of the librarian/cataloger/archivist, organised around 5S framework for digital library education. Areas within digital libraries that will be covered include collection development, knowledge organisation, DL architecture, user behavior, services, preservation, management and evaluation and DL education and research. Students will round out their knowledge with case studies of how different disciplines (e.g. music, arts, medicine and law) impose different search, usability and maintenance requirements on the digital library.

This semester, your instructor will try to arrange guest lectures from publishers Elsevier and World Scientific on topics related to our coursework.

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Note to NUS-external visitors: Welcome! If you're a fellow DL course instructor looking for lecture material, you can see the syllabus menu item on the left for a preview. Please contact me if you'd like to use any of my material. Thanks!

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