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Last Updated: Mon Sep 26 10:52:13 SGT 2011 : Updated Syllabus to add Textbook Readings column.

The below is the current, planned syllabus for the course. It will no doubt evolve during the class to cater for current developments in digital libraries. Please check back periodically, but check IVLE announcements for timely class scheduling changes as they occur. --M

• HTBADL: Ch 3
Week (Date)ContentTextbook ReadingsDeadlines
W1 (8 Aug)Class cancelled due to NUS' support of Rag and Flag.
N.B. Related event: Elsevier/NUS SgCodeJam24 on 12-13 Aug (Fri - Sat). If interested, please register and participate.
W2 (15 Aug)Orientation / Fundamentals of information retrieval:
Course information, policies and scope, breadth of research encompassed by DLs. Document indexing, TF*IDF, Boolean retrieval model, Vector space model, Algebraic models of retrieval.
• UDL: Ch 2, Sec 5.2, 5.6
• HTBADL: Ch 1
W3 (22 Aug)Storing information:
Multimedia encodings: text (SGML, Unicode, TEI, XML), page images (CCITT FAX IV) images (JPEG, PNG, PS), video (MPEG), audio (MP3,WAV), synchronized media (SMIL).
• UDL: Ch 3, 4
W4 (29 Aug)Guest Lecture by Dr Rick Lee, World Scientific:
The Publisher's Viewpoint on Open Access
• UDL: Ch 10
Also see readings on policy (W6)
• Project proposals due in the Workbin by the end of 29 Aug
• Selection of survey area also due to Min by email by the end of 29 Aug
W5 (5 Sep)Classification:
Traditional classification schemes (DDC, LCSH, MeSH), metadata types, Dublin core, Warwick framework.
• UDL: Ch 5
• HTBADL: Sec 3.3, Ch 6
W6 (12 Sep) DL policy, interoperability and access rights:
Identifiers: Open Archives Initiative, metadata harvesting, OpenURL. DL economics and social policy and issues.
Make-Up Lecture on (13 Sep) @ MR4 2-4pm:
Bibliometrics and its applications:
Laws of bibliometrics, Citations and references, Pagerank, HITS.
[For Policy]
• UDL: Sec 6.5-6.7, Ch 10, 11, 14
• HTBADL: Sec 1.5, Ch 7, 8, 9
[For Bibliometrics]
• UDL: Sec 7.8
Recess Week
W7 (26 Sep)Information seeking:
Reference interviews, Information seeking process, Anomalous state of knowledge.
• UDL: Sec 8.4
• HTBADL: Ch 2
•  Survey Paper due in the Workbin by the end of 26 Sep
W8 (3 Oct)User interfaces for querying and displaying documents:
Survey of query (text, Venn, faceted metadata) and document displays (ranked list, Infocrystal, Table lens, tilebars)
• UDL: Sec 7.1-7.6
• HTBADL: Ch 3
W9 (10 Oct)Usage patterns in the DL:
Usage mining. How DLs and web sites are used, and their relation to information seeking and HCI.
W10 (17 Oct)Evaluation:
Traditional library evaluation, review of standard IR evaluation metrics.
• UDL: Sec 7.7
W11 (24 Oct)DL services and New Media:
Collaborative filtering, Recommender systems, Reputation schilling, Authorship attribution, Plagiarism detection, IM, Email, Blogs, RT Media
W12 (31 Oct)Cyberinfrastructure and Scholarly Publication in the Future:
Data intensive science and publishing and
Course Revision
•  4P, Jim Gray on eScience, Part 3: Scientific Infrastructure and Part 4: Scholarly Communication
•  UDL: Ch 12, 13
•  Project Write-ups due in the Workbin by the end of 31 Oct.
W13 (TBA)Project Presentations:
Each project to present to Min for 10 minutes.
•  Project slides in PDF due in the Workbin by TBA
Reading Week
Final Exam: 29 Nov, Morning

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