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The survey paper examines a particular aspect of digital libraries or their applications. For the survey, you will have to read at least four papers of high quality and write a paper that not only summarizes the papers' contributions but also clearly differentiates each papers' strengths and weaknesses. Note: you may quote from your sources but you must cite what you quote. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism, as outlined on the Grading page.

Here the topics for the survey paper and some suggested readings for the survey. Please note that as some of the topics below are very broad, you may have to choose only a subset of the suggested readings to build your survey paper around. Many of the readings that I have suggested come from recent conferences, so it will require you to read background work. Remember that the four paper requirement is a minimum; you may have to read many more than four (e.g., 20) to get a coherent overview of the topic. Don't try to fit all of the information you do learn into the survey -- present the parts that tell a coherent story and argument.

Requirements: Your survey paper should be no longer than six double-columned, single spaced pages. The more concise you are at summarizing the points, the more likely that you'll receive a higher grade for the class. The template for the survey should be done in ACM conference format, which you'll use again for the project write-up. Here's the link to the format (the files are also available in IVLE):

Once you've chosen an area for your survey paper, I will help suggest two to three references that you can start with. Your responsibility is then to decide whether to accept my suggested papers and to supplement/replace the papers to round out your survey.

You can view the past grading criteria for this milestone. While this is no guarantee of how this semester's survey papers will be graded, they will be graded on similar criteria.

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