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  • Dr. Aldar Chun-Fai CHAN: cryptographic protocols, network and distributed system security.

  • Dr. CHAN Mun Choon: network security, DDoS, intrusion detection.

  • Dr. CHANG Ee-Chien: multimedia and biometric security, network security.

  • Dr. Atreyi KANKANHALLI: knowledge management , information systems security, electronic government, virtual teams.

  • Prof. Mohan KANKANHALLI: multimedia information systems, information security, digital video processing.

  • Dr. LIANG Zhenkai: Web security, system security, malicious code analysis, software debugging and testing.

  • Assoc. Prof. TAN Kian Lee: data security, uncheatable outsourced databases, access control, authentication of data.

  • Dr. Irene WOON: organizational and human factors in information systems security and software project management.

  • Asoc. Prof. Roland YAP: programming languages, computer security, formal methods, reconfigurable computing.

  • Dr. Haifeng YU: distributed systems, peer-to-peer systems, fault-tolerance, distributed computing, distributed system security.

Graduate Students:

  • CHENG Weiwei (PhD)

  • DONG Xinshu (PhD)
  • Felix HALIM (PhD)

  • MA Xi

  • PATIL Kailas (PhD)


  • WU Yong-Zheng (PhD)

Graduated Students:

  • LI Qi-ming (PhD 2006): "Security in Watermarking and Authentication of Noisy Data"

  • Hemal Namdev RATHOD (MSc)

  • Sujoy ROY (PhD)
  • SHEN Ren (MSc)
  • ZHOU Xuan (PhD)


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