Open Positions

  1. Secure Systems-on-a-Chip (Postdoc, PhD and Researcher openings)
  2. High-Performance, Energy Efficient IoT Systems (PhD openings)


The National University of Singapore invites applications for the following positions in the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing (SoC). SoC is strongly committed to research excellence in all its dimensions: Searching for fundamental results and insights in developing novel computational solutions to a wide range of applications, building large-scale experimental systems, developing theories and policies for effective management of information systems in organizations, and improving the well being of society. We seek to play an active role both internationally and locally in the core and emerging areas of Computer Science and Information Systems.

Application Process

Contact us directly if you are interested, and apply to our PhD program by the appropriate deadline. I’d also encourage passionate researchers to apply for the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA), a PhD scholarship available to all students.

Secure Systems-on-a-Chip Architectures (Postdoc and PhD openings)

The researchers (postdoc and PhD students) will be responsible for working closely with the Principal Investigators (PIs) on a recently started 5-year research project funded by the Singapore National Research Foundation called SOCure, involving more than 10 PIs from Singapore and overseas, in collaboration with industry. The grand-goal of the SOCure project is to assure hardware security by design in SoCs, introducing the unprecedented capability of withstanding the presence of untrusted on-chip Intellectual Properties (IPs), as well as physical attacks including advanced invasive attacks. On the architectural side, the SOCure framework pursues HW security with minimal area/energy overhead to be scalable and adoptable in systems with a wide range of complexity, from secure SoCs down to simpler systems such as secure Microcontroller Units. On the physical side, a thorough set of innovative techniques with low overhead and seamless integration with design flows is introduced to protect physical integrity and confidentiality of on-chip data. For the first time, in SOCure the HW security challenges are investigated by explicitly coupling architectures and physical protection. Such a holistic approach raises the level of security, and at the same time reduce the typically substantial silicon area and power overhead due to the security requirements.

The researchers will work to develop secure, isolated hardware platforms (for small, IoT-style systems) while maintaining efficiency and performance. This is done through the development of novel designs that enable isolation and security, even in the presence of shared hardware resources. He/she should possess experience or interest in at least one of the following research areas:

  • Hardware and Systems Security
  • Computer Architecture
  • Energy Efficient SoC Design
  • Simulation Methodologies (Cycle-level Microarchitecture Simulation)

We are accepting applications for Postdocs (contact us directly) and PhD students through the PhD application process by the appropriate deadline. Feel free to email us at comparch<AT> if you would like to apply or have any questions.

High-Performance, Energy Efficient IoT Systems (PhD openings)

We are actively recruiting PhD students who are interested in computer architecture or related fields (compilers, etc.). We aim to address the performance and efficiency needs of future applications, from the Internet of Things (IoT) to datacenter workloads, using techniques that span from hardware to software and reconfigurable platforms.