• TEO Hock Hai, PhD

    Provost's Chair Professor

    Information Systems and Analytics

Hock Hai Teo is Provost’s Chair Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Analytics, School of Computing at National University of Singapore. He is currently very passionate and focused on implementing three of his pet projects: 1) improving the healthcare service delivery models and outcomes through process improvement using healthcare Internet of Things (IoT); 2) shaping the innovation capabilities of Singapore’s Small Medium Enterprises in today’s digital economy; and 3) enhancing the learning outcomes of pupils through better delivery of pedagogical content and building of competences via an adaptive, customizable learning platform.

Hock Hai is currently the Director of Humanities and Social Science Research at the Office of Deputy President (Research and Technology). He had previously served as the Vice-Dean (Corporate Communications), School of Computing and as Head of the Department of Information Systems. During his tenure as Head of Department, he was instrumental in raising its profile and reputation both locally and internationally. Today, the department is recognized as one of the most productive research departments in Information Systems and Analytics globally. With strong support from the local government agencies, he helped the school set up the Strategic Technology Management Institute and the Center for Health Informatics as vehicles for industry engagement and executive education, and launched one of the world’s pioneering undergraduate Business Analytics Degree Programs to meet the industry needs for data science professionals. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the information systems discipline in terms of research, teaching and service, the Association of Information Systems honored him with an AIS Fellow award.

Hock Hai received his PhD (Information Systems), MSc. (Computer and Information Sciences) and BSc. (Computer and Information Sciences) from the National University of Singapore and was a visiting scholar (post-doc) at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He is grateful for the education, the opportunities and the support he has received from his alma mater.

Current Funded Projects
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2014 - Present
Luo Kai
2015 - Present
Ong Zhi Quan
2015 - Present
Yin Jiamin
2016 - Present
Giang TNH Hoang
2018 - Present
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2009 – 2014 Assistant Vice-President, Singapore Stock Exchange
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