VLDB 2010 , 36th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases
  Singapore : 13 to 17 Sept 2010, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
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Preparation and Formatting Guidelines

Manuscript Preparation and Formatting Guidelines 

Duplicate Submission Policy

Duplicate submissions are not allowed. A submission is considered to be a duplicate submission if, at any time during the time when the submission is under consideration, there is another paper with the following properties:

1. the paper and the VLDB submission have at least one author in common;

2. the paper is more than 4 pages long, when formatted in the VLDB format;

3. the main technical content of the paper substantially overlaps that of the VLDB submission; and

4. the paper is published or under consideration for publication in a refereed journal or proceedings (electronic or printed) that is generally available (e.g., not limited to conference attendees).

Authors are expected to agree to the following terms:

I understand that the paper being submitted must not overlap substantially with any other paper that I am a co-author of and that is currently submitted elsewhere. Furthermore, previously published papers with any overlap are covered prominently in this submission.

Duplicate submissions will be rejected. Questions about this policy or how it applies to your work should be directed to the technical program chair.

PVLDB Submissions and VLDB 2010

Papers submitted to PVLDB Journal track on or after March 2009 (hence reviewed in the April 2009 cycle or later), and rejected there, are considered "recent rejects". Recent rejects, revisions of recent rejects, or papers otherwise substantially similar to recent rejects, with the same or overlapping sets of authors, may not be submitted, to any track, to be considered for presentation at VLDB 2010.

Formatting Guidelines 

The papers must be submitted in the VLDB format.  

It is the authors' responsibility to ensure that their submissions adhere strictly to the VLDB format detailed here. In particular, it is not allowed to modify the format with the objective of squeezing in more material. Submissions that do not comply with the formatting detailed here will be rejected without review. 

Please make sure that you include the correct copyright notice into your paper. We recommend to use the styles provided here as the statement is already included.

Core Database Technology and Infrastructure for Information Systems Tracks  

The paper length is limited to 8 pages. You are permitted a 4 page appendix beyond these 8 pages. However, reviewers are not required to read this appendix, and the paper should be self-contained, complete and understandable within the 8 pages. Typically, it is appropriate to place proofs, algorithm pseudocode, data set descriptions, etc. in the appendix. It is usually not appropriate to move definitions, theorems, figures, bibliography, and experimental results to the appendix. Any references to the appendix from the main paper should only be in the nature of "for additional detail see..". In particular, there should be nothing in the appendix that is necessary for a reader to understand the paper. This 8+4 page rule applies to both submissions and camera-ready.  

Industrial Applications and Experience Papers 

The page length is restricted to at most 12 pages. 

Experiments and Analyses Papers 

Submissions should be 3-12 pages long; authors are encouraged to keep their submissions short and concise.  

PhD Workshop Papers 

We welcome submissions from students that are enrolled in a PhD program and who are working on topics relevance to those covered by the VLDB conference. We particularly encourage submissions from students who are at the last stages of their doctoral work, and who can therefore present a more "complete" story about their thesis, as well as students who are in the beginning stages of their work and thus have a significant "future work" component. The former category will have the opportunity to showcase theses to a wider audience in preparation for a job search, whereas the latter can obtain valuable feedback about their upcoming research plans.  

Submissions must be at most 6 pages in length. Submissions must be single-author, and the name of the supervisor must be clearly marked ("supervised by ...") on the paper, under the author's name. 

Demonstration Papers 

Demo proposals should be focused on new database technology, advances in applying databases, or innovative use of database techniques. A demo paper is limited to 4 pages. They should describe the demonstrated system, indicate what is going to be demonstrated, and state the significance of the contribution to database technology or applications. Proposals must not be published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Demonstration papers will appear in the proceedings. 

For LaTeX

VLDB provides a style template that is based on the ACM SIG Proceedings Style. You can download all necessary files here:

* The LaTeX document class vldb.cls

* A sample LaTeX document vldb_sample.tex

* Some pdf files that are used as figures flies.pdf, fly.pdf, rosette.pdf

* An example .bib file sigproc.bib

* A sample output document vldb_sample.pdf

For your convenience, all these files are packed together into a .zip file to download: vldb_format.zip.

For Microsoft Word

Please use this document vldb_sample.doc as template for your paper.

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