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A Benchmark for Context Data Management in Mobile ContextAware Applications
Nadine Froehlich, University Basel
Thorsten Moeller, University Basel
Steven Rose, University Basel
Heiko Schuldt, University Basel

Combining Preference Relations: Completeness and Consistency
Nicolas Spyratos, University of Paris-South
Carlo Meghini, CNR-Italy

Personalization through Query Explanation and Document Adaptation
Anthony Ventresque, NTU-Singapore
Sylvie Cazalens, Université de Nantes
Thomas Cerqueus, Université de Nantes
Philippe Lamarre, Université de Nantes
Gabriella Pasi, Universita di Milano Bicocca

SQL QueRIE Recommendations: a query fragment-based approach
Jayad Akbarnejad, San Jose State University
Magdalini Eirinaki, San Jose State University
Suju Koshy, San Jose State University
Duc On, San Jose State University
Neoklis Polyzotis, UC Santa Cruz

Re-ranking Web Service Search Results Under Diverse User Preferences
Dimitrios Skoutas, L3S Research Center
Mohammad Alrifai, L3S Research Center
Wolfgang Nejdl, L3S Research Center

Adapting Generic Web Structures with Semantic Web Technologies: A Cognitive Approach
Mario Belk, University of Cyprus
Panagiotis Germanakos, University of Cyprus
Nikos Tsianos, University of Athens
Zacharias Lekkas, University of Athens
Costas Mourlas, University of Athens
George Samaras, University of Cyprus