CS4221: Database Design

Lecture hours: (Thursday) 9am-12noon. Room: LT19

First lecture: 15 January 2015 (Thursday)

Tutorial hours/venue: (Thursday) T1: 1pm (COM1-217), T2: 2pm (COM1-217), T3: 3pm (COM1-217), T4: 4pm (COM1-217), T5: 5pm (COM1-217).

Workload: 5 tutorials (5%), 3 assignments (25%), 1 team project (20%), examination (50%)

Modular Credits = 4

Examination: PM, 4 May 2015 (Monday)

Lecturer: Stéphane Bressan
Room: COM1-03-20
Email address: steph@comp.nus.edu.sg and dcssb@nus.edu.sg

Co-Lecturer: Ling Tok Wang
Room: COM2-03-01
Email address: lingtw@comp.nus.edu.sg and dcsltw@nus.edu.sg

Course Briefing

A Brief Introduction on Hierarchical and Network Models

CS4221 Team Project

The Relational Model

(1) Lecture Notes on Relational Model, Functinal Dependencees, Normal Forms, Normalization, Bernstein's Algorithm, and Further Normalization all in one file from last year
(2) LTK Normal Form lecture notes

  • Relational Model
  • Functional Dependencies
  • Normal Forms
  • Normalization
  • Berstein Algorithm Shortcomings
  • further normalization


  • Codd's paper
  • Bernstein's paper
  • Zaniolo's paper
  • Fagin's paper on 4NF
  • The Chase paper


  • Other normal forms

    Database Design Using Entity-Relationship Approach

  • Entity-Relationship Approach: Basic Concepts
  • Relational Database Design Using ER Approach
  • Normal Form Entity-Relationship Diagram


  • Network Database Design Using ER Approach (optional)
  • Hierarchical Database (IMS) Design Using ER Approach (optional)

    Physical Database Design

  • Extending Classical Functional Dependencies for Physical Database Design *(eLearning using Breeze)
  • Physical Database Design (self-study)

    Schema Integration (optional) (pdf)

    Nested Relational Model (optional)

  • Normal Form Nested Relation
  • Nested Relation Design

    Object-Oriented DBMS Concepts

  • Object-Oriented Database Concepts
  • Inadequacies of Object-Oriented Data Models
  • Inheritance Conflicts in Object-Oriented Systems
  • OO Schema Design
  • Translating Relational Schema into OODB Schema *(eLearning using Breeze)

    Data Warehouse (optional)

  • Overview
  • Warehouse Maintenance
  • Warehouse Design

    Semistructured Data / Web Data

  • Semistructured Data and XML
  • Introduction to XML
  • Schemas in XML
  • XPath
  • XQuery
  • The Storage for Semi-structured Data (optional)
  • Designing Semistructured Databases Using ORA-SS Data Model
  • Applications of ORA-SS Model


    Tutorial #1
    Tutorial #2
    Tutorial #3
    Tutorial #4
    Tutorial #5

    Assignment #1
    Assignment #2
    Assignment #3

    Course Project Description
    Project Groups and Titles
    Project Presentation Schedule
    Project Presentation slides

    Reference Books and Papers

    Papers on Object-Relationship-Attribute Model for Semistructured Data (ORA-SS) and XML Query Processing

    Some useful search engines on computer science publications.

    DBLP - Computer Science Bibliography

    Object Database Management Systems Portal (ODBMS.ORG)