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AY2015/6 Semester 2
Module Information - Staff

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A/P Tan Sun Teck A/P Tan Sun Teck
Office: COM2-03-02
Email: tanst @ comp.nus.edu.sg
Aaron Tan Mr Tan Tuck Choy, Aaron
Office: COM1-03-12
Email: tantc @ comp.nus.edu.sg
Facebook: Aaron Tan


Aaron Tan Mr Aaron Tan
Tutorial groups:
  T8 and T9
Email: tantc @ comp.nus.edu.sg
Ivan Chew Mr Ivan Chew
Tutorial groups:
  T1, T2, T3, T12 and TC04
Email: ictm @ u.nus.edu
Gao Qiao Ms Gao Qiao
Tutorial groups:
  TC01 and TC03
Email: e0002177 @ u.nus.edu
Andrew Koh Mr Andrew Koh
Tutorial groups:
  TC02 and TC05
Email: kohzk @ u.nus.edu
Lim Cheng Chong Mr Lim Cheng Chong
Tutorial groups:
  T6 and T7
Email: a0096790 @ u.nus.edu
Lim Ta Eu Mr Lim Ta Eu
Tutorial groups:
  T10 and T11
Email: a0126356 @ u.nus.edu
Yeo Quan Yang Mr Yeo Quan Yang
Tutorial groups:
  T4 and T5
Email: quanyang @ u.nus.edu


Lab TAs

Alvian Prasetya Mr Alvian Prasetya
Lab group: B2 (12-2pm @ PL2)
Email: a0126536 @ u.nus.edu
Bui Do Hiep Mr Bui Do Hiep
Lab group: B3 (2-4pm @ PL5)
Email: a0126502 @ u.nus.edu
Diga Widyaprana Mr Diga Widyaprana
Lab group: B9 (2-4pm @ PL3)
Email: a0114171 @ u.nus.edu
Dinh Viet Thang Mr Dinh Viet Thang
Lab group: BC05 (2-4pm @ PL4)
Email: a0126513 @ u.nus.edu
Gao Risheng Mr Gao Risheng
Lab group: B1 (10-12nn @ PL5)
Email: a0101891 @ u.nus.edu
Han Xiangyu Mr Han Xiangyu
Lab group: B6 (12-2pm @ PL4)
Email: hanxiangyu @ u.nus.edu
John Kevin Tjahjadi Mr John Kevin Tjahjadi
Lab group: B5 (10-12nn @ PL4)
Email: a0118007 @ u.nus.edu
Lei Wenqiang Mr Lei Wenqiang
Lab group: BC03 (12-2pm @ PL5)
Email: a0134670 @ u.nus.edu
Ma Junqi Mr Ma Junqi
Lab group: BC02 (12-2pm @ PL6)
Email: ma.junqi @ u.nus.edu
Nicholas Lum Mr Nicholas Lum
Lab group: B8 (4-6pm @ PL4)
Email: a0108358 @ u.nus.edu
Raviprakash Mr Raviprakash
Lab group: BC04 (2-4pm @ PL6)
Email: r.c @ u.nus.edu
Ryan Alexander Mr Ryan Alexander
Lab group: B10 (4-6pm @ PL3)
Email: ryan.alexander @ u.nus.edu
Tan Kai Meng Wilson Mr Tan Kai Meng Wilson
Lab group: B11 (4-6pm @ PL5)
Email: a0114302 @ u.nus.edu
Teng Tong Ms Teng Tong
Lab group: B12 (12-2pm @ PL3)
Email: e0001896 @ u.nus.edu
Vu Dinh Quang Dat Mr Vu Dinh Quang Dat
Lab group: BC01 (10-12nn @ PL3)
Email: a0126517 @ u.nus.edu
Wei Wenbo Mr Wei Wenbo
Lab group: B4 (4-6pm @ PL2)
Email: a0105683 @ u.nus.edu
Xie Luyu Mr Xie Luyu
Lab group: B7 (10-12nn @ PL6)
Email: a0123858 @ u.nus.edu

Last updated: 28 January 2016