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AY2015/6 Semester 2
CA - CA Marks

  • Tutorial attendance (Posted: 15 April; Updated: 16 April)
    Please see Tutorial attendance for week 13 and aggregate marks.

    Note that tutorial attendance is 5% of final grade. A '1' indicates presence, '0' for absence, 'MC' for medical certificate and 'EX' for other excuses. You must send your medicate certificate or other document to your respective tutor within one week after the tutorial.

    Please report any error to your respective tutor within one week of the release of the marks, after which no changes will be made.

    Email addresses of all tutors address are on the Staff page.

    Note that if you attend a group that is not your assigned group without prior permission, your attendance will not be taken.

Last updated: 16 April 2016