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The Swing Component Gallery

A Pictorial Promenade through the Swing Set

Image: a JLabel componentThis page takes you on a guided tour through the Swing component set, from JApplet through JTree. (If you aren't exactly sure what the Swing set is, see the "Getting Started with Swing" article.)

This article presents a picture of each user-interface (UI) component in the Swing set, along with a link to a source for more information about each component shown. (Some of these sources are better than others, and they call keep changing, so visit this page often.)

One interface (Border) is also pictured because it is used to draw borders around Swing components.

JApplet image Border image JButton imafge
JApplet Border interface JButton
JCheckBox image JCheckBoxMenuItem image JColorChooser image
JCheckBox JCheckBoxMenuItem JColorChooser
JComboBox image JDesktopIcon image JDialog image
JComboBox ImageIcon JDialog
JFileChooser image JInternalFrame image JLabel image
JFileChooser JInternalFrame JLabel
JList image JMenu image JMenuBar image
JList JMenu JMenuBar
JOptionPane image JPopupMenu image JProgressBar image
JOptionPane JPopupMenu JProgressBar
JRadioButton image JRadioButtonMenuItem image JScrollBar image
JRadioButton JRadioButtonMenuItem JScrollBar
JScrollPane image JSlider image JSplitPane image
JScrollPane JSlider JSplitPane
JTabbedPane image JTable image JTextArea image
JTabbedPane JTable JTextArea
JTextField image JToggleButton image JToolBar image
JTextField JToggleButton JToolBar
JToolTip image JTree image
JToolTip JTree
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