CS5248: Systems Support for Continuous Media
Semester 1 2004/05, School of Computing, National University of Singapore


Students are expected to engage in a research project for the duration of this course, and produce a poster presentation, a research paper and a demo (if applicable) at the end of the course. Ideally, the research project tackles a current research problem, and proposes an original solution. The research paper should be of publication quality.

You are to work in a group of maximum 3 students for the research project.

A good research project must (i) define a problem (ii) propose a solution (iii) implement the solution (simulated or real solution), and (iv) evaluate against existing solutions.

Your research project can be of the following natures.

Remember, good research always teaches other researchers something new.

I do not expect you to write the code from scratch. There are many existing libraries/open source applications available, which you may use for this class. See "software resources" below.

A list of suggested topics are available. However, you are encourage to propose your own research project, subjected to approval.

Due Date

13th September Project Proposal Due

21st November Paper Due

Project Proposal

You are required to submit a project proposal by 16th of September. The proposal should contain at least the following items:

I expect a 1-2 page document. The goal is to (i) challenge you to think about your project early, and (ii) perform a sanity check on the feasibility of your idea. The proposal will constitute 5% of your project grade.

Poster Presentation

Date: 19th November
Place: SR4, SOC1, Level 6
Time: 4 - 6pm


The poster session will be jointly organized with other classes. The poster presentation will be divided into two sessions. Each session will last for two hours. All team members are expected to show up and be there during the two hours. You should treat this as your final exam. The session assignment can be found under Project List.

What you need to prepare

Useful Links

Research Paper

You are expected to submit a research paper describing your project by 21st of November. Please send your paper in word or pdf format using email to ooiwt with the number "5248" somewhere in the subject. Your poster (in powerpoint/pdf format) should be submitted as well. Please zip them up if the files are too big.


Please follow the ACM proceeding style guidelines. Please use the given LaTeX (recommended) or Word template so that to ensure that there are little variations in margin and font size.

Length and Content

Your paper should be 4 - 6 pages in length. Please read the following links on how to write good systems paper. In particular, you should clearly highlight your contributions in this project.


Your project will be evaluated using the following criteria.


These are just ideas. Each idea can have many open research issues (some could constitute _a few_ Ph.D. thesis). You should identify a small problem for your project. Don't try to solve everything :)

Useful Links

Software Resources