CS5248: Systems Support for Continuous Media
Semester 1 2004/05, School of Computing, National University of Singapore

Week 13: Recent Papers II

Week 12: Recent Papers I

Week 11: Energy Efficiency

Week 10: CPU Scheduling

Week 9: Storage Issues

Week 8: End-System Multicast

"Pay it Forward"

Week 7: Proxy Caching

"Cache Me If You Can"

Week 6: Layered Multicast

Week 5: Error Recovery

"Dude, where is my packet?"

Week 4: Adaptive Playout

Playout buffering

Example of a survey paper:

Week 3: Rate Adatation

Adapt your rate, control your congestion, and be a Friend to TCP!

Week 2: Network

IP Multicast and RTP

Week 1: media compression

"Honey, I shrunk the files!"

schedule for rest of semester

left overs

Stuffs I would like to cover but didn't.