Zhiyong Huang

Associate Professor (Practice)

AS6-05-11, 13 Computing Drive, Singapore 117417

Email: huangzy {at} comp.nus.edu.sg, dcshuang {at} nus.edu.sg, huangzy {at} acm.org, huangzy {at} ieee.org

Phone: +65 651 61170, Fax: +65 6779 4580

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Graduate Students


Graduated PhD students


Li Xuetao (co-supervised by Prof Tan Tiow Seng), Decomposing polygon meshes for interactive applications

Shou Lidan (co-supervised by Prof Tan Kian-Lee), Querying large virtual models for interactive walkthrough

He Dajun (co-supervised by Dr Sun Qibin, A*STAR I2R), Robust and scalable video authentication: issues and solutions

Zhang Haihong (co-supervised by Dr Huang Weimin, A*STAR I2R), View-based models for visual tracking and recognition

Lu Hua (co-supervised by Prof Ooi Beng Chin), GIS-supported location based services

Xu Wenjie (co-supervised by Dr Wu Jiankang, A*STAR I2R), Analysis and classification of brain signal


Graduated MSc students


Liu Sujin, Rapid interactive 3D modelling from only one image

Koh Chuan Koon, 3D modeling and real-time animation of human hair

Akanksha, Visualization of animation databases supporting motion and model reuse

Conrado Del Rosario Ruiz JR, Reusing animations in databases for multimedia presentations

Wang Hao, Collaborative and interactive room design on the web

Wang Qiushi (co-supervised by Prof Teh Hung China), Simulated illumination for building design based on radiosity computation

Ji Xiaowen, Content-based image retrieval using stochastic paintbrush transformation

Liang Wenqi, An enhance framework on hair modeling and real-time animation

Xu Rong, A new approach of developing compliance-checking system

Chen Chen, Progressive transmission and rendering of foveated volume data

Guo Shuqiao (so-supervised by Prof Ooi Beng Chin), Indexing for Moving Objects

Lin Yu (co-supervised by Prof Chen Yuzhong, Department of Computational Science, NUS), Using asymmetric active appearance model in global-plus-local strategy

Peng Nan, Medical Image Registration


PhD Thesis Reviewed


Hou Zujun, Aspects Of Noise reduction and edge detection

Loo Poh Kok, Document image processing using irregular pyramid structure

Zhang Zheng, Document image restoration - For document images scanned from bound volumes

Zhao Yonghong, An interactive framework for component-based morphing

Yuan Bo, Skew Estimation for document images

Zhou Xiaoming, Intelligent iconic pictorial database system

Namunu Chinthaka Maddage, Content-based music structure analysis

Sujoy Roy, Watermarking techniques using knowledge of hosts database

Lin Dan, Indexing and querying moving objects databases


MSc Thesis Reviewed


Arivoli Chanakkia Cholan, Modeling of roads detected from high resolution satellite images

Chong Ket Fah, Collision detection framework using model simplification

Dong Shujie, Indexing moving objects

Fu Lan, Document image stitching

Guo Xinyu, Temporal registration of vessels in retinal images

Hady Gunawan, Buyer-seller watermarking protocol in digital cinema

Hu Jing, Efficient processing of KNN and skyjoin queries

Hu Nan, Head pose estimation and attentive behavior detection

Ji Yi, Video features for video-audio mixing

Jin Duo, Visual cryptography

Khoo Yong Bing, Virtual reality and collaborative learning

Kong Wai, 3D dynamic scene classification from a moving platform

Liu Yi, Intelligent pedagogical agents with multiparty interaction support

Meera Gajanan Nayak, Music synthesis for home videos

Ng Chu Ming, Synthesis of Non-regular Architectural Forms

Ouyang Xin, Surface modeling and rendering with line segments

Panf Xiaolin, Secure mobile agents

Sun Haiping, Semantic soccer video analysis

T.M.A. Mohamed Riaz Mohideen, Simulation of rain droplets on a windshield

Wang Dehong, Semantic concept detection from visual content with statistical learning

Wang Hua, Supporting workspace awareness in distributed learning environments

Wang Xiaoying, Chinese calligraphy generation and style transformation

Wang Zhengjia, Brain tumor detection from 3D magnetic resonance images

Wei Jie, Mining term association rules for automatic global query expansion

Wen Conghua, Efficient texture synthesis with a small set of tiles

Wong Lai KUan, Simulation-based learning in an immersive, networked virtual environment

Xiao Yongguan, Feature-based surface decomposition for morphing

Xie Zhao, A framework for collaborative computer aided engineering design

Yang Yue Xiang, Three dimensional packing problem

Yiong Yew Seong, Similarity measure for 3D models

Zhang Jie, Name card image enhancement and restoration for text recognition

Zhang Xia, Physically based rendering of large-scale prairie

Zhou Hong, Common distributed system for computer based engineering design

Zhou Xiaoming, Intelligent image retrieval

Zhou Zhicheng, Digital watermarking robust to print-and-scan process