Managerial Economics, 4th edn

Ivan Png





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Managerial Economics develops simple, practical tools and concepts for business students as well as practical managers. Written in simple, accessible style, the text-book presents the essentials of managerial economics.

It uniquely integrates the discipline to other managerial functions, including accounting, finance, human resource management, and marketing. Managerial Economics teaches students how to make better business decisions, not how to build models.

Chapter mini-cases

  1. Airbus and Boeing: End of duopoly

  2. China Mobile: Prepaid and postpaid subscribers

  3. New York Times

  4. Bestar, Canadian furniture manufacturer

  5. Frontline, independent tanker operator

  6. Newark Liberty Airport

  7. Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier

  8. Eli Lilly: Lipitor

  9. Qantas: Melbourne-Sydney air fares

  10. COMAC and Embraer

  11. Samsung Electronics and DRAM oligopolyel

  12. VivoCity, Singapore

  13. Countrywide Financial

  14. Boeing 787 Dreamliner

  15. Consolidated Edison