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Resources for Medical Image Analysis and Surgical Simulation

Visualization Tools
Sante DICOM viewer: DICOM image viewer
DicomWorks: DICOM image viewer
ezDicom: DICOM image viewer
3D Slicer: volume rendering
3D Doctor: segmentation, volume rendering
MeshLab: 3D model viewer
VTK: The Visualization Toolkit for visualizing 2D and 3D images and models
VTKEdge: Advanced visualization with GPU acceleration
installation, compilation in Ubuntu
installation for MS Visual Studio

Segmentation and Registration Toolkits
ITK: Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (C++)
ITK-Snap: Level set segmentation
installation, compilation in Ubuntu
installation for MS Visual Studio
3D Slicer: EM, region growing
  GVF Snake (Matlab)
FSL: FMRIB Software Library for FMRI, MRI, DTI (Linux, C/C++)
SPM: Statistical Parametric Mapping (Matlab)
VBM: Voxel-based Morphometry (Matlab)
  MedInria: Toolkit for MRI, DTI (C/C++)
FLIRT: Fast and flexible image registration toolbox

3D Modeling Toolkits
VGL: C++ algorithms for computation with points, curves and elementary objects
CGAL: computational geometry algorithms library
  OpenMesh: computational geometry data structure and algorithms

Numerical Software / Libraries
  Numerical Recipes: C/C++ libraries for numerical algorithms
GSL: GNU Scientific Library for numerical algorithms (C/C++)
VXL: C++ Libraries for Computer Vision Research and Implementation
C++ algorithms for matrices, vectors, decompositions, optimisers
  TAUCS: C library for efficient sparse linear solvers
Netlib: FORTRAN mathematical software, papers, and databases

Development Tools
Ubuntu: Ubuntu Linux OS
GCC: GNU Compiler Collection