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Information for New Students...

If you like to pursue Ph.D. research in the research areas highlighted, you must have relevant background knowledge.
A good way to obtain the relevant background knowledge is to take the following courses offered by CS Department:

>> CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
     This is a upper undergraduate-level course on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. It covers interesting and
     useful topics that can be applied to many application areas.

>> CS5240 Theoretical Foundation of Multimedia
     This is an introductory graduate-level course on theoretical and mathematical foundation of multimedia algorithms.
     It covers fundamental algorithms that are used in many multimedia application areas.

>> CS6101 Exploration of Computer Science Research
     This is an introductory seminar-based 1/2-semester course. A variety of topics are offered by various professors.
     Choose the discussion group offered by me.

>> CS6240 Multimedia Analysis
     This is a graduate-level course on more advanced algorithms for multimedia analysis. It covers topics that are useful
     for applications of computer vision, medical image analysis, 3D modeling, etc.

3 July 2016