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In 16 years of his teaching career in School of Computing, National University of Singapore (since August 2003 as part-time TA), Steven is blessed to have favorable teaching feedback from his students (who took his usually heavy and tedious modules) and his colleagues (who evaluated his teaching portfolio).

Starting from AY 2017/18, Steven experiments with the Flipped Classroom technique, especially for his projected-to-grow-to-300-plus CS2040/C module.

Starting from AY 2019/20, Steven experiments with the Open Internet programming exam, especially now COVID-19 pandemic causing major disruptions w.r.t. face to face traditional assessments/examinations.

(Teaching) Award (#)LevelAYRemarks
ATEA Honour RollUniversity2021 (-2 AYs ago)University level
5x ICPC World Finals Coach AwardInternational2020/21 (-1 AYs ago)For coaching 5 (or more) NUS ICPC World Finalist teams
ATEA (3)University2018/19 (-1 AYs ago)Third, University level, Banned until start of AY2025/26 (4 AYs later)
ATEA (2)University2017/18 (-1 AYs ago)Second, University level
National Day Awards (1)National2018 (0 AYs ago)Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian), Ministry of Education
ATEA (1)University2014/15 (3 AYs ago)First breakthrough, University level
FTEA (3) with Honour Roll (1)Faculty2014/15 (3 AYs ago)Third, Faculty level, Banned until start of AY 2020/21 (2 AYs later)
FTEA (2)Faculty2012/13 (5 AYs ago)Second, Faculty level
FTEA (1)Faculty2011/12 (6 AYs ago)First breakthrough, Faculty level
BTAA (1)Faculty2007/08 (10 AYs ago)No longer a Teaching Assistant now

The official announcements can be found in NUS-level Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) current list, past list, and SoC-level Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (FTEA) and Best Teaching Assistant Award (BTAA) list.

Teaching History

Because he is a web programming lecturer, Steven built this interactive personal teaching feedback score history of himself.

Module highlighted: None. Put your mouse cursor over a bar (or click that bar). Each bar represents one module. Percentile rating before AY2013/14 and after this AY is different as NUS changed the teaching feedback system a bit.

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To estimate your next teaching feedback score (using the system used from from AY 2013/2014 onwards), please enter the number of students (an integer please) whom you think will give 1 (very bad), 2 (bad), 3 (neutral), 4 (good), 5 (very good) to you, in the respective boxes below for the three important questions (Q1, Q2, and Q3).

For each question, this simple script will compute question score as in the past: (|1| x 1 + |2| x 2 + |3| x 3 + |4| x 4 + |5| x 5) / (|1| + |2| + |3| + |4| + |5|).

Then your prospective teaching score this semester will be: 0.0866 + (0.4276 * Q1 score) + (0.3150 * Q2 Score) + (0.25 * Q3 Score).

Q1. The teacher has enhanced my thinking ability. |1| = | |2| = | |3| = | |4| = | |5| = → My Q1 score is
Q2. The teacher has increased my interest in the subject. |1| = | |2| = | |3| = | |4| = | |5| = → My Q2 score is
Q3. The teacher provides timely and useful feedback. |1| = | |2| = | |3| = | |4| = | |5| =
→ My Q3 score is

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