Synchrony iterators

Participants: Stefano Perna, Val Tannen, Kian Lee Tan, Chee Yong Chan, Limsoon Wong


Modern programming languages provide comprehension syntax for manipulating collection types. Comprehension syntax makes programs more readable, but comprehensions typically correspond to nested loops. So, it is difficult using it to express efficient algorithms. This has motivated developments that introduced alternative binding semantics for comprehension syntax, so that some comprehensions are not compiled into nested loops. Nonetheless, it has not been shown that efficient algorithms, such as that for equijoin, cannot be implemented without such refinements to comprehension syntax. I.e., a gap exists in our understanding of the intensional expressive power of comprehension syntax.

The objectives of this project are:


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This work was supported in part by National Research Foundation, Singapore, under its Synthetic Biology Research and Development Programme (Award No: SBP-P3); and in part by Ministry of Education, Singapore, Academic Research Fund Tier-1 (Award No: MOE T1 251RES1206 and MOE T1 251RES1725) and Academic Research Fund Tier-2 (Award No: MOE-T2EP20221-0014).

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