Jason Zhijingcheng Yu


Hi! I am a PhD student at School of Computing, National University of Singapore. I am working with Prof Prateek Saxena on system security. I am interested in the design of secure computer architectures with features such as full memory safety and fine-grained isolation, and have a special focus on trusted execution environments and capability-based architectures. I have been working on the Capstone project recently.

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yu dot zhi at comp dot nus dot edu dot sg
COM3-02-18, 11 Research Link, Singapore 119391


  • National University of Singapore
    PhD in Computer Science, Aug 2019 — present
  • Tsinghua University
    BEng in Computer Science and Technology, Aug 2015 — Jul 2019

Publications (* indicates equal contributions, statistics available on Google Scholar)


  • August 2022
    Elasticlave: An Efficient Memory Model for Enclaves
    At USENIX Security Symposium 2022 (Boston, USA)
  • December 2021
    Elasticlave: An Efficient Memory Model for Enclaves
    (as part of tutorial From EDA to TEEs, Security Tools for Understanding and Mitigating Side-Channel and Fault Injection Attacks)
    At Design Automation Conference 2021 (San Francisco, USA)
  • November 2021
    SmashEx: Smashing SGX Enclaves Using Exceptions
    At ACM CCS 2021 (virtual)


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I occasionally post random stuff on my blog.