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Prof. Bingsheng He
Associate Professor,
Chair of Joint Academic Committee, NUS Computer Engineering,
Assistant Dean (Graduate Studies), NUS School of Computing,
Department of Computer Science
School of Computing,  
National University of Singapore  
Office: COM2 Building, #03-21, 15 Computing Drive, NUS, Singapore 117418 [map] 
Ph.D. HKUST, 2008  
Email: hebs(at)comp.nus.edu.sg
Phone: (65) 6516 7998, Fax: (65) 6779 4580

We are hiring! Two postdocs, some RA positions and one IPP Ph.D. scholarship: see details.

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Research and Publication

My publication list: Entry@DBLP Google scholar

Our open-sourced systems can be found at Xtra group Github site.

Here are some examples of current projects:


This project develops the next-generation of event stream processing engines. The key motivation is from the big event streams generated by IoT devices.

See our publications: BrickStream profiling and benchmark of streaming engines


This project researches the novel design and implementation of graph accelerators. Due to the complexity of graph processing, the performance and energy efficiency of graph accelerators have been an interesting research topic.

See our publications: Survey Novel conflict handling graph engine on FPGA


This project examines the design and implementation of machine learning systems under new environments, such as hardware accelerations and federated machine learning.

See our publications/systems: hardware accelerations (ThunderSVM and ThunderGBM), and federated machine learning systems (Survey).

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Acklowegement: the research has been supported by Singapore government agencies (such as MoE and NRF), NUS/NTU and various industry partners.

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