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In general, to be eligible for the NGNE programme, the applicant should meet the following conditions:
1) You will be in your final year of undergraduate study when you attend the NGNE programme; AND

2) Either one of the following:
a. You are a student from a partnering school or college of our partner university
b. You have attended 2021 or 2022 NUS SOC Summer Workshop
Interested applicants may write in to check if your school/college have any existing NGNE partnership with NUS SOC, and the actual arrangement on the submission of required documents for consideration of Pre-Approval.

For more information on the NUS SOC Summer Workshop, please visit this page.

General Process

General Timeline
Submission Dates
 Application    August 2022 intake      January 2023 intake  

 Open Date    14 March 2022  30 August 2022
 Deadline  27 March 2022  15 September 2022
 Official Application    
 Open Date  21 March 2022  1 September 2022
 Deadline  10 April 2022  1 October 2022
Programme Timeline (January 2023 Intake)
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For a comprehensive checklist of the immigration entry requirements and procedures, please refer to the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website.
Consideration for Pre-Approval
Required documents for Pre-Approval
1   Academic transcript in English
2   An official certification of your GPA and/or average score from your school
Required only if your GPA and/or average score is not shown in the academic transcript 

  NUS SOC Summer Workshop Performance Slip
     -  Compulsory for students from non-partner university;
     -  Required for students from partner university only if you have attended any

4   English qualifications
Provide any one of the following: CET6, TOEFL or IELTS

5   CV in English 
  CV is a significant component of the application as CP3106 Independent Project
  (equivalent to final year project) advisor matching will be done based on students’ CV.
  Below are some points to be included in a CV:

     -  Academic performance
     -  English proficiency level
     -  Work/project experience
     -  Any awards and achievements
     -  Interest areas
     -  Future plans

6   Certificates of awards or achievements (if any) 
7   Approval letter from your home university
Only applicable to students from non-partner university
     -  Letter should state your home university's endorsement for your participation in the
        NGNE programme if officially approved by NUS 

Click on the following link to submit the application for Pre-ApprovalKindly note that certain partner universities may have their own internal procedures regarding NGNE application. If you belong to one of our partner universities, please check with your school on the necessary procedures before proceeding to apply at NUS for Pre-Approval.

Please combine all the required documents into one single pdf file for submission. Note that only ONE submission will be accepted - we do not accept any further amendments once you have submitted the application form. Hence, you are advised to check the documents thoroughly and carefully before clicking on the submit button. Applications with missing document(s)/information will not be considered as it will be treated as an incomplete application.
Upon successful application for Pre-Approval, you will receive notification of Pre-Approval via email, regardless of whether you are from a partner university or not.
Kindly note that you MUST receive Pre-Approval from NUS SOC before you can submit the official application at the NUS online application portal.
Official Application
Once you have received notification of Pre-Approval, you may proceed to submit the official application via the NUS online application portal.
Required documents for Official Application
  Copy of passport showing your particulars
2   Official academic transcript (including grading explanation/remarks) in English
3   Record of courses taken in current semester/term 
  English qualifications (CET6, TOEFL or IELTS)
5   Student Status Letter issued by your home university
6   Documentary proof of financial support in English
For more information on the required documents, please refer to this file (page 2, under "Non-Exchange Students").
For a user guide of the online application portal, you may refer to this link.
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